Men Reveal The Reasons They Love The Missionary Sex Position So Much

Men Reveal The Reasons They Love The Missionary Sex Position So Much

I have always been the girl who liked simple things, you know the kind that will order a cappuccino or an Irish Latte over an exotic Vietnamese coffee. When most people like to pour syrups over their vanilla ice-cream, I like it plain. I am also the person who probably enjoys beers with friends in a dive bar over a glass of wine in a fancy lounge. Toppings are great but the simplicity of a Margherita pizza is just too enticing. Stud boys may be charming but I like men who are simple. It’s not hard to tell I love the missionary sex position.

Of course, there are other sex positions that are fun too, like the doggy style, cowgirl, flatiron, etc. But I really don’t care for positions that make me feel I am in the circus. Sex is supposed to be fun, not work. And I like it to be intimate and I don’t see how me looking at the floor and my partner looking at my butt while holding my legs does the job.

Turns out, men love the missionary sex position too! It’s simple, nice, and really intimate. Did you know that only humans have sex in the missionary position? Someone asked on Reddit what men loved about the missionary sex position and the responses are just so eloquent and graphic. This is enough reason for me to feel miserable for being single.

A guy wrote, “When she wraps her legs around me. Super hot.” Well, I don’t know but there is something about the woman wrapping her legs around the guy’s waist while at it. The guys I have been with loved this move!

“The skin to skin contact, the closeness and being abler to kiss and look at one another. Also the deep penetration and being able to see and feel the reaction as our excitement builds. One thing my wife and I enjoy, is that we almost always climax together this way,” a guy wrote. Wow, all that is okay but he and his wife almost climax together? But yes, this is again one of the reasons I love the missionary sex position. It’s like hugging but also having sex.

Another guy wrote, “Watching myself going into her, and watching her watch my penis sliding into her and her looking up at me when I withdraw and thrust inside again… The eyes…” Okay, I don’t know what, how or why but just the graphic description is making me give missionary several upvotes!

“Eye contact. Keep them peepers open,” said another guy. I always say eye contact is underrated. It can really make you connect emotionally while you’re sexing it up! And the missionary sex position allows you to do just that.

“I can kiss her and hold her down,” some wrote. That’s one thing that makes the missionary sex position not just really intimate but also quite sexy. It gives you the perfect rawness and passion to spice things up!

“Eye contact, facial expressions and the closeness you feel as you’re entwined. Love it!” another user wrote. It is really about that feeling of just melting into each other’s bodies that makes the missionary sex position so special.

Imagine, just kissing the hell out of each other while being entwined. And then he goes on to pin your hands and kiss your neck. This, just before planting kisses all over your body as you take deep breaths. And then you have crazy sex and come almost simultaneously (like that guy and his wife!) and he collapses on your chest. You hug it out before going to pee because romance is fine but we don’t want a UTI. That feels like some really good sex! And no matter how many sex positions you add to it, nothing can substitute the missionary sex position.

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And while the missionary sex position is so amazing, several women find it difficult to orgasm in it because there is barely any clitoral stimulation. You know most women cannot orgasm from penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex alone. But apparently, there is a way to fix that! “Enter the “coital alignment technique” (CAT),” says Psychology Today. “Instead of the man lying on top of the woman chest-to-chest with his penis moving more or less horizontally, the man shifts himself forward so that his chest is closer to one of her shoulders. As a result, his penis moves more up and down. In other words, the man rides higher on the woman’s pelvis, and the bony base of his penis makes more contact with the woman’s clitoris. This increases direct clitoral stimulation and may provide enough to allow her to orgasm,” PT further adds. In case you were wondering how to orgasm in the missionary sex position, it is possible!

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