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Aunty Brigade: 8 Ways Women Shame Other Women (It’s Got To Stop Already!)

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Women are each other’s worst enemies, we are told. Unfortunately, all too often, this IS true! Sometimes, the worst shaming comes from other women.

A couple of years ago, my best friend and I were house-hunting. After seeing many shitty houses, we finally saw one that we liked. But, when we set up a meeting with the landlady, our hopes of having a place we could call home were painfully thwarted. After a barrage of questions about our work and love lives, she finally declared, “I don’t want single women living here.” Note that she, at 53, was single herself, and had never been married!

If you still doubt that in this day and age of girl power, women still are each other’s worst enemies, maybe the following will change your mind.

1. We shame each other every time we call a woman a ‘slut,’ ‘bitch,’ ‘whore’ or any other term we would not tolerate a man calling us by!

2. We shame each other when we judge, stereotype, or make assumptions about a woman based on what she wears.

3. We shame each other when we wonder why she chooses to work long hours even after she gets married.

4. We shame each other when we expect a woman to have a child, and don’t understand how she can be just as happy without ever becoming a mother!

5. We shame each other when we sideline our single friends.

6. We shame each other when we look down upon a woman who can’t get herself to walk out of an abusive relationship.

7. We shame each other when we don’t respect a stay-at-home mom… or wife.

8. We shame each other when we assume a woman is dumb, until she proves otherwise (yes, we women do this, too)!

All of this has got to stop already!

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