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How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

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Everybody’s heart breaks at some point… one simply can’t get through their entire life without going through heartbreak! What this means is that at some point, your friends will come to you with a broken heart. Now, the thing is, most of us end up responding to this in ways that can be counter-productive. No, really… imagine someone telling you to snap out of it, and move on! Wouldn’t help, would it?

But here are things that would help…

1. Avoid saying anything judgmental about them or their ex.

They’re judging themselves and their life decision enough already. So, you don’t need to!

2. Let them vent

They may go in circles, and you may get sick of hearing them go on and on about why this happened to them. But they need to vent.  So let them. Also, bear in mind that talking out loud also helps one release feelings, and process what’s happening.

3. Try not to make it a sob fest

Have a sense of humour about it! Crack a joke or two about what happened, and help your friend see the lighter side of things.

4. Offer them a distraction

Take them out, watch a movie, tell them about something that’s happening in your life, ask them about work… basically, divert their attention from the pain they are feeling and on to something that will help them feel better.

5. Remind them of all the wonderful things about them!

Your friend’s self-esteem has likely taken a hit, thanks to the breakup. Make sure they don’t forget how awesome they are, with or without a lover!

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