How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship After Cheating? All You Need To Know

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Every relationship is built on trust, especially romantic relationships. And it’s never easy to forgive, forget and move on when your partner cheats. But it’s not easy to let them go too. While many believe infidelity is unforgivable, some hold the strength to forgive their partner for cheating. However, building trust again and being with your partner is no cakewalk. Moving on from the resentment one feels is never easy which also means that saving your relationship is the toughest thing to do when all you’re feeling is betrayal and anger. While many assume that the cheating partner is supposed to be responsible for winning their partner over and rebuilding the trust but the truth is that both partners need to work to build the foundation of their relationship again. So without further ado, here are some tips to rebuild trust in your relationship after infidelity.

Tips For The Unfaithful Partner

1. Begin by ending your affair. Once you do that, take responsibility for your actions and do not blame your partner or your relationship for your infidelity. Take accountability instead of playing the blame game.

2. Be honest about your affair and share the details of it with your partner if that’s what they want to hear. Do not hide anything at all. Anything that your partner finds out about your affair at a later stage will be cheating and it will damage the relationship you’re trying to rebuild.

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3. Prepare yourself for difficult conversations because you will have to have many of those. You will have to have emotionally harrowing conversations and answer difficult questions. But remember to be honest even if it will hurt your partner to hear what you have to say but say it without getting defensive.

4. Moving on and rebuilding trust requires honesty, hard work and transparency. Take this opportunity to be more honest with your partner and share anything and everything you feel. Use transparency to restore their faith in you by understanding how they must feel and reassure them as much as they need.

5. APOLOGISE. Beg and grovel if you need but apologise for your actions without blaming them. Be sincere when you apologise and stay TF away from any behaviours or actions that your partner would consider to be cheating. Speak their love language and not yours.

Tips For The Betrayed Partner

1. Never ever take your partner’s actions personally. They did not cheat because of you and there is nothing you could’ve done to stop them from doing it. Let your partner take responsibility for being unfaithful to you and do not shoulder the burden of their mistake.

2. Do not rush the process of healing. Understand that it will take time to move on and you might have ups and downs through this process but remember that at the end of the day, it’s your choice if you want to continue being with your partner or not. You were the one who was cheated upon so, let this be your decision.

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3. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Do not blame yourself but at the same time, do not stop yourself from feeling the emotions that you are feeling, be it hurt, anger or betrayal. Give yourself the time you need to heal.

4. You may feel the need to blame your partner and hurl accusations at them but instead remind yourself to accept that they did what they did. Acceptance is the key to moving on. Repeatedly fighting about their infidelity and recalling it will not help.

5. Find healthy ways to communicate with your partner and understand that if you’re on a journey to forgive them, you need to allow them to earn your forgiveness instead of stonewalling them.

In the end, remember that both of you need to work together in order to move on and that is not going to happen without professional help. Go for couples therapy.

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