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Here’s Why More Than Sex, I Want To Kiss Endlessly, Cuddle And Sleep In His Arms

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Has it ever happened to you that you had wild sex and yet were left feeling hollow from inside? And has it ever happened that you cuddled and made sweet love and left feeling content? It took me a couple of shallow romances to realise that more than sex it’s the intimacy that I seek. We go from one date to another, rummaging through casual experiences but for what? I am not saying casual sex is not good. What I am saying is sex is not enough. We need much more, even if it won’t last. At least I need it.

I want a real connection. I want to really spend time with them, making love, kissing endlessly and cuddling. There’s something so powerful about this and meaningless sex just doesn’t compare. Here’s why I want intimacy more than sex.

1) Sometimes you just want to be held tight

The warmth you feel when you’re squeezed into a tight embrace is beyond words. It makes me feel like I can just close my eyes and melt, right then and there. We are rushing through everything in life and trying to numb ourselves because feeling too much hurts. And to slow down with someone for a bit and just being there, in the moment, feels so good.

2) Connecting emotionally makes the sex so much better

I am not saying you have to be in love to feel a profound human connection. What I want is to connect soul to soul and not just in the physical sense. It’s about being heard and understood. It’s about knowing and caring about your partner. You know how your work life feels so much more bearable if you like your colleagues. Connecting emotionally can make sex so much more passionate.

3) Sleeping in his arms I get the best sleep ever

We used to sleep hugging our parents when we were kids. Then we grew up and now we sleep hugging a pillow. I don’t know, being held when you’re asleep makes you feel so good. It calms you down, makes for such an intimate connection and makes you feel safe. In my bae’s arms, I could fall asleep within two minutes.

4) I am a sucker for romance

It takes a lot for me to truly enjoy sex and intimacy. Like okay, on the surface it’s good. Orgasms are good whether I like someone or not. But when I like someone, my orgasms are mindblowing. And to be that turned on, I need to be treated with lots of romance. I want to have real sleepovers, conversations while cuddling, kissing with me sitting on his lap, etc. I want him to look into my eyes with the most sincere gaze. I want all of this!

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5) It’s therapeutic

It’s not about promising to be together forever. But knowing that in that moment, you both are there completely and making love is so therapeutic. You feel like the pieces of your heart are healing and it’s becoming whole again. You’re becoming whole again.

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