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7 Ways To Date Smartly And Avoid Fuckbois In 2021

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I am going to sound like an afterhours commercial but here you go. One of my best friends is smart, nailing it at work and climbing the ladder like no one’s business. She’s always been bright, cracking chemistry equations like it’s a piece of cake. Yet, when it comes to dating, it seems like she’s high on dumbfuck juice. How can a woman who is so sagacious otherwise make such terrible dating mistakes? Staying hooked on for too long on a fuckboi, sticking to a pattern that has done her no good, ugh, none of these things can make someone’s dating life wonderful.

Well, I can’t blame her. It’s like when it comes to our besties, we get so protective and we hate it when they get hurt in love. Yet, when it comes to ourselves, we barely practice self-preservation and at all the wrong places. We’ve all been there and done that – my friend is one of many of us, who needs to cut through the toxicity of unhealthy romances and date better in 2021.

Because 2020 has been a year of catharsis and realisations, let’s leave our toxic dating patterns behind. Here’s how.

  • Communicate what you are looking for and what he can offer

Don’t be worried about him freaking out. If you want something serious, say it. If you want to keep it casual, don’t worry about being judged. You do you and see if he fits the bill.

  • Wait for a while before deeming a guy to be a true sweetheart

Everyone seems sweet at the start. He does these cute lil things for you and before you know it, you’re falling for him. Stop, right there. Wait and check for consistency and dealbreakers.

  • Don’t feel hesitant to call BS out

There’s no reason for you to try and be “understanding” when someone’s giving you shit. If a guy seems like he is dumping all his lies and manipulative garbage on you, call him out. If you entertain shit, he will give you more of it.

  • But don’t give up too easily on someone because of their flaws

We are carrying so much baggage, we’ve been hurt so many times that we jump at the tiniest hint of annoying behavior. Truth is that every person has an annoying side. You have to see whose quirks you find the most bearable. Plus, whose good side overshadows the bad.

  • Date multiple guys until things get serious

Until things get serious, you must not keep all your eggs in one basket. You tend to get more attached if you are focusing on one guy in the initial phase and when he ghosts you, it is heartbreaking. So wait, watch and enjoy the dating pool.

  • Claim your orgasms

Never let a guy act like you are giving out charity orgasms and he need not give you any. You need it, you want it and you must have it. Another dull year in bed is not what we want. Also, DIY!

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  • Deep cleanse your love life

Let go of exes, cut ties with plan Bs, and break through your type when it comes to dating. Do a deep cleanse and whatever doesn’t make you happy need not make it into your life in 2021.

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