7 Topics Of Conversation That Shouldn’t Be A Taboo In Your Relationship

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The best relationships are those that are founded on a solid friendship. And what is a good friendship founded on? Being able to talk about anything under the sun! Now, of course, with your partner, you may want to maintain some mystery, and not reveal all the details of your sexcapades with your exes, but there are certain topics of conversations that should not be a taboo between you and bae.

If your ex is still in your life

If you have an ex with whom you either have a healthy friendship, or maintain social niceties, it should not be hidden from your partner. You should be able to tell them if an ex calls to say hi, or invites you to their birthday.

Your sexual fantasies

There should be judgements here. After all, that’s the joy of being in a committed relationship, isn’t it? That you get to have sex whenever you want, and however you want! Provided, of course, they want it, too.

When you can’t orgasm

Tell them! Don’t fake it! Tell them so that they make you climax next time around, and in turn, make sex better.

The person you have a passing crush on

Hey, it’s totally normal to crush on someone else while you have a loving partner, whom you love back very much. But, you should be able to tell them. The unsaid rule here is that you don’t act on it.

Your opposite sex friendships

Don’t meet your guy friends behind his back, or accept a partner who meets his girl friends, behind your back. Opposite sex friendships are healthy, and there should be nothing to hide.

Your periods (And Accompanying Emotional Upheavals)

If you can’t be candid about all the mess that menstruation is, with your partner, then something grave is missing in your relationship! ‘Nuf said.


Your health issues

The fact is that as you grow older, health is going to become a central and problematic part of your life. If you’re with someone for the long haul, you are with them through all the flatulence, sagging and slowing down. Embrace it.

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