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7 Signs Your Long Distance Boyfriend Misses You A Lot

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There’s something so beautiful about long distance relationships; I mean, most people don’t prefer to be away from bae, but it doesn’t the miles between them can fade the connection. I don’t believe that LDRs are doomed. But the thing is if I am in it for the long-term and I know we can meet at least once a year, I am alright with being apart geographically. However, if I don’t know if I want it to last, why will I invest so much effort in a relationship where we cannot even meet? It really depends what your goals are and the kind of end result you are looking for.

It also depends on how connected you really are! What I really love is having great conversations – roasting each other, baby talking the f*ck out and just sharing what happened during the day. I love having a connection in which we can discuss anything at all. So if we are really that close and connected, it wouldn’t matter if we are talking through a screen.

Okay, scratch that. I may be pretending to be cooler than I am. It would matter – I would miss them so so much because I love expressing my affection physically. I love hugs, cuddles, cute kisses and all of that. I would miss not being able to make plans with them. But here’s the thing, it will make me miss them, not leave them.

Long distance relationships have had negative stereotyping since forever! But according to a study, these are similar to geographically close relationships in terms of intimacy, communication, relationship satisfaction, commitment as well as sexual satisfaction! Yup even sexual satisfaction – all you need is a good imagination, and may be some phone sex!

Having said that, I feel the absence actually makes you grow fonder if there is enough connection and communication. The fact that they are far away makes it so much more dramatic as you miss them every day!

And it feels so wonderful when you know they miss you too! How? Here are five signs!

1)      They send you random texts

You’re going about your day, working on a deadline, feeling bored AF and a little sleep-deprived and then the screen of your phone lights up. It’s your bae and he just says something totally random! Like “Babyyyy I love you!” or sends you a meme and says this is so you! Okay, several posts from those romantic Instagram accounts. They are thinking of you. All. Day. Long!

2)      They send you pictures of whatever they are upto

Whenever they go out, they click pictures, just to share them with you. When they make something at home, order a pizza or are doing anything remotely interesting, they share pics! And they expect the same from you. They really wish you were there with them and if you’re not, this is the only way to go!

3)      They prioritise your call over everything

Just because this is not a face-to-face date, it doesn’t mean they don’t prioritise it! They will move their gym timings, they will schedule a movie night with their friends later, and try to finish early so they can have uninterrupted time of love with you. They miss you a lot and would not compromise on your time for anything!

4)      They have several screenshots of your video calls

It sucks that you cannot click pictures together. Most couples are making tons of photographs that will remain as beautiful memories (unless they break up and swear to hate each other!) You both, on the other hand, have an album full of funny, cute and adorable video call screenshots. Itne paise mein itnaich milega! And you really wonder how he likes you in that avatar with your hair all messy but oh boy, he cherishes those and looks at them when he misses you.

5)      They get mad at you if you’ve been giving them less time

You know how you get mad at bae when you’re missing him? Oh, please, I can’t be the only one! We do it and we don’t realise or don’t admit! But your long distance bae is no different. When you’ve been not giving hum much bhaav, he gets all cranky and complain box-y because he misses you. Duh!

6)      On video calls, their eyes say it all

His gaze remains fixed on you, as he looks at you with all the love from every cell in his body. At this point, he surpasses the way I look at cake when I am PMSing. He loves you. He misses you. He wishes you were there and he is possibly kissing all over your face in his mind! Awwdorable!

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7)      They wish you good morning/good night

The moment they wake up they check their phone and drop you several cute texts – gifs, good morning and love you’s. Your long distance boyfriend wants their day to start with you but most importantly, they want your day to start with a smile on your face. This piece of heavenly yumminess! Hold on to this one. He misses you like crazy!

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