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5 Ways Self-Love Can Transform Your Love Life

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How many times has it happened with you that you shop online for clothes at throwaway prices and when they turn up, the stitching is bad, the fabric is substandard? You feel like a good design got wasted because the make isn’t good enough. Relationships are exactly like that. Your relationship is made of two individuals and if they are not happy with themselves, things will simply not go as expected. But when two people who are content with themselves come together, they bring so much love and security into the relationship. Self-love can completely transform your love life! Here are 5 good things it can do to your romantic life!

1) You refuse to accept anything less than what you deserve

When you love yourself, you understand your worth. Which means when you’re at a club dancing the night away and a hunk with all muscle and no brains tries to impress you, he doesn’t stand a chance! You know you can do much better than that. Also, if you’re in a relationship, you will not accept being treated anything less than with respect.

2) You’re more secure

When you watched Jab We Met, and Kareena went like Main apni favourite hoon, you really felt that! This doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist; you are just proud of what you’ve turned out to be. It means that you don’t feel insecure if there are other pretty women around. If you’re in a relationship, you will not go on bashing bae for speaking to other women, because you know your place in his life. And if you’re single, you strut into your dates like JLo, owning it at first look! That’s half the job done.

3) You bring happiness into the relationship

I strongly believe that only people who are genuinely happy can bring happiness to others. And happiness – the real kind – doesn’t lie in materialistic things. Okay, sometimes it does, especially if those things are desserts, shopping sprees and vacations. But when you love yourself, there is no room for negativity in your heart. You’re brimming with joy and it’s bound to spill onto your relationship, or anyone you happen to meet!

4) You become more forgiving of him

There’s no switch you can turn on for the self-love to start flowing! It is the upshot of investing your heart and soul in loving yourself every single day, like you’d love another person. And the most crucial aspect of it is being non-judgmental and forgiving of yourself. This makes you less critical of others too. This means that bae won’t be walking on thin ice and can be who he truly is with you.

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5) But if a relationship gets toxic, you have the strength to walk out

You’re forgiving not stupid. It doesn’t matter how much you loved them, if they don’t treat you well, you walk out of it confidently. Honestly, self-love will never let you stay in a toxic relationship because you don’t hurt people you love. In this case, it’s you.

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