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5 Places To Meet Guys You Can Connect With In The Offline World

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Online dating comes equipped with a false sense of convenience and gratification. What do you do post a breakup? You install a dating app, convinced that an antidote of your loneliness is out there waiting for you to swipe right! It’s funny how you will believe anything. Most potential suitors don’t even make it past the chatting phase. And those who happen to crawl on to the other side, past the delicate emoji sharing bit, seem nothing like their bios. Or sometimes, like humans.

Honestly, that’s a huge pitfall of the online dating scene. But behind a screen, even a cowardly troll can feel like the king of the tech-jungle. Real confidence is when you find a guy cute and you go say hi…offline! In the real world. We can tell that this novel idea is terrifying but how about you give this a go? And no, you don’t have to walk up to the next guy you see, here are some places that you can potentially meet a cutie.

While doing something you love

You haven’t experienced real disappointment unless you have met a gorgeous guy you have nothing in common with. You want to enjoy the Chelsea match but your level of disinterest has slunk to a new low. At this point, you can’t muster up any enthusiasm for 22 men chasing a ball.  Similarly, your appetite for novelty – open-air movie nights, fitness parties, etc-  doesn’t find many takers. Rather, look for love in activities you enjoy. That way, you will have more to do than just, well, getting it on.

At a party

The best place to meet someone is at a house party.  This is a good idea because you have mutual friends that you can hang with while you awkwardly clutch your drinks. And, and this is the great bit, this person probably parties as much as you do! If Friday is Friyayyyy to you, a lazy guy who hates socializing can dampen your spirit. Be it vodka or tequila, spirits shouldn’t be watered down.

Work events

Work events can be a good way to meet young people on the same field, and potentially same frustrations as you. Similar professions will bestow you with tons of topics to talk about and conversations will just flow. Even if you don’t end up dating, you will still be growing your network within the industry. It’s a win-win.

Coffee shop

Have you grown up watching Hollywood movies wherein the protagonists meet at a cute coffee shop with a great Instagram vibe? Yeah, that’s how it used to be before we decided to take everything into the virtual world. With an escalating café culture in the metros, several young men and women spend time at coffee shops, using their free wifi. Gather the courage to stop only eyeing that cutie and speak to him!

Blind dates

When all things fail, turn to your trusted friends! Let them play cupid and set you up. They know you well and will have your best interests at heart, at least that’s the hope. What’s more, blind dates can be like unwrapping a surprise gift—thrilling to say the least!


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