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12 Things I Wish To Tell My Future Husband. Take Notes, Guys

September 10, 2019 | by Akanksha Narang

When it comes to being in relationships, there is really no guidebook or course, at least not a reliable one! Nothing can truly train a person to perfection. Throughout our growing years, we put a lot of value to education – we study mathematics, literature and what not. But in school, do we have a subject on personal relationships? Sure, every person is different; their expectations are different. So, we grow up, conditioned in a certain way, but we learn in the process of dating, breaking up, and dating again. Relationships are so delicate, that we don’t know what can damage them or make them less fulfilling. Which is why, I feel communicating your needs is extremely important. Also, since guys have created this whole hype around not knowing what women want, here’s me spelling it out. This is exactly what we want from our husbands! If you know who you’re marrying, pass it on!

  1. I don’t expect us to not change

I don’t understand the concept of “he changed after marriage”. We both will change, because we will evolve. Life is never stagnant so let’s grow old but together!

  1. You will be my human diary and I expect to be yours

So, let this serve as a warning because I am going to tell you everything! My banter can include anything be it my crazy boss, my best friend’s ex, my thoughts on Kabir Singh or my poop schedules. I want our Sundays to fly away while we cuddle and talk shit on the bed.

  1. Pick me, cause I will always pick you

When we were single, we gave all our time to our friends but now we have to give each other priority. Which means, sometimes you’ll have to say no to them so we can spend time together and that shouldn’t be a big deal. I will do the same.

  1. Don’t expect me to fit in your family instantly

This is a family I have been gifted overnight. I haven’t grown up in it and I am different from them. So don’t expect me to fit in…instead appreciate that I am trying. If your mom and I have a tiff over something, please don’t take sides.

  1. When I get upset, I need a lot of love

I don’t care who is right who is wrong. If I feel hurt, I need love. Never make me feel like my feelings don’t matter to you.

  1. When I ask you to pick up my bags, I am not treating you like my butler

It’s because I feel we are not ‘you and I’ but ‘us’. Pick up my laundry if I am not able to. Carry my bag if I feel tired. Hold my coffee till I go shop. Pick my nose for me (okay, not this!) Not every time, but sometimes it’s just great to have someone you can depend on. I’d do the same for you!

  1. My friends are important and I will continue hanging out with them

You mean the world to me. But please don’t get all sad if I plan a night with my friends. They have been important and will remain to be so. You too, should have a life outside our relationship. It will make you happier!

  1. We’re a couple but you shouldn’t impose your choices on me

We don’t have to like the same things or have the same beliefs. We will respect each other’s perspectives.  But we must never force each other to see things our way. So, if you tell me that this dress’s neckline is too low – if I like it, I will wear it.

  1. Don’t be concerned about my past relationships

Let’s forget who we dated in the past, because they don’t matter anymore. Digging old graves have never been fruitful!

  1. My orgasms are important too

Be interested in indulging me in crazy hot sex. Physical satisfaction is important and I want my share of orgasms too. I hope you won’t be selfish and make love to me the way I like it.

  1. I hope we can be crazy together

I want to go on impromptu long drives with you, travel together, have bun maska-chai at midnight, gate crash a wedding, and laugh till our ribs hurt.

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  1. This relationship is ours and ours alone

Don’t let the world dictate the course of our relationship. People will never stop giving unsolicited advice but I hope you are smart enough to protect what is ours from third-party interference.


Akanksha Narang

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