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10 Reasons Alpha Males Are Attractive But May Not Be Great Boyfriends

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Let’s admit – women love alpha males. They are attractive and have no trouble flirting with a woman they don’t even know. They seem chivalrous and know how to make your ovaries explode. They love to take charge. This is the guy who will ask you if he can buy you a drink and select one for you. While you may feel a rush of feelings because we love a man showing confidence and dominance, you’re missing out on certain cues. Like he will most likely order a very feminine cocktail for you while he calls a scotch on the rocks for himself. He is already stereotyping you. What if you wanted scotch too or maybe a beer?

Alpha males believe in stereotypical gender roles and while some of his very masculine qualities may make you attracted to him, he also has toxic male traits in abundance. These traits tend to make alpha males really difficult partners and here’s why.

  1. The ball will always remain in his court

The typical alpha male will confidently speak to a woman he found attractive in a bar and may make a woman feel feminine and desired. These men, however, tend to go for women who are their subordinates or are younger so they can always feel more powerful.

  1. They will never do something they don’t want to

If you want to go watch a play and they think it’s hideous, they won’t do it for you. They are stubborn and if they say no, it’s never happening. Sweet, what would you do without a boyfriend like this?

  1. They believe they are always right

Just give up on winning any argument ever. You may think you’re having a healthy discussion to resolve a query but things don’t penetrate their stubborn heads. They believe they are always right and until you agree, the argument won’t end.

  1. They can be controlling

Alpha males are used to be leaders and having several people who follow them. Unfortunately, that habit can spill onto their relationship as well. They will not like it if you don’t live your life a certain way, doing things that they deem necessary. Who cares about your choice? Concern or control, with alpha males you can’t really tell.

  1. They don’t handle emotions well – yours or theirs

Alpha males are high on masculinity and behave according to the stereotypical male roles laid down by society. Since men are never taught to be sensitive and emotional, they don’t know how to do that. In fact, since they can’t even handle their own emotions, they can’t handle yours. What’s worse is they look down on you and see you as too weak when you are vulnerable. Wow, nope. Don’t need that guy.

  1. Their egos can be easily hurt even with the slightest of feedback

They love their partners to like whatever they have to offer. And as they see themselves in the highest regard, when you don’t like something they did and express it, they see it as an attack. It hurts their ego and to feed it, they gaslight you instead.

  1. They cannot let you be the centre of attention

Alpha males like to be the one basking in the limelight of all the praises coming their way. They don’t like to be upstaged by their partner. They expect their partner to be a submissive woman who can lead the pack of people appreciating them and be living proof of how amazing he is in keeping a woman.

  1. You may never seem good enough to them

Alpha males date for social stature. He wants to make sure his partner is better than the partners of his friends. He wants you to be able to make him look better as you take on the responsibility of his subordinate. He wants you to be the best-dressed woman in a room, well-spoken and all that. Chances are if he finds someone who he finds scoring better than you, he will ditch you in no time.

  1. His social life may often take precedence over you

He really takes his role as an alpha male seriously. And that means he has to feel like a king every now and then as he smoothly works his charm in a social setting. So if he has to choose between a quiet dinner with you or a social get-together where he knows a lot of people, you know where he’ll be.

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  1. Most of these men cannot handle a strong woman

They are so used to exerting male dominance, these are usually the men who will mansplain you and undermine your achievements. In fact, if by any chance you’re more accomplished than him, it will constantly be making him insecure as he finds different ways to seem better than you.

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