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5 Types Of People Who Ruin Every Party!

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Some people are the life of a party. Some others are the exact opposite. Singularly, they can bring down the energy of the event, making it from fun to an all-out bummer.  And these are the kinds you will find at almost all parties. Avoid these people at all costs. Our suggestion? Duck.

The Troublemakers

These are the bold types that get too drunk a little too fast and wear entitlement on their sleeves. They go about banging on that piano, or raiding the crockery closet to find an opener or using your mothers scarf to make a cape, like it’s their own.

The Cry Babies

The ones who drink up instantly and always hit that sensitive nerve. These are the kinds that flood the party with their sob stories about how absolutely everything is making them miserable, even that super slow speed of the fan.

The Too-Hot-To-Trot

The ones that have a one-track mind and hit on everyone in their sight! You could mop the floor with their oversexed vibe, but we suggest you rather not.

The Complainers

These people are the ones who come and go the same, unsatisfied. They find a problem in everything. From the food to the songs to even the lightning, nothing sits right with them.

The Naysayers

These people can’t get enough of policing around and making a face at people as they have fun. Had it been for them, they’d make everyone sit in a corner with a finger on the lips. The only thing you’ll hear them say the entire night is ‘NO’. Fun!


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