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5 Gifting Ideas For Your December-born BFF According To Their Traits!

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I love receiving gifts, and especially when it is out of the blue! Even something as small as a letter makes me extremely happy. Hey, I am not saying it’s enough, just that it’s thoughtful. On the other hand, gifting gifts? Yeah, that’s a bit of a trial and error. If you have a friend who is born in December, then it’s really tough because then they keep dropping hints about what they want for Christmas *and* on their birthday! They basically think you are the richest friend they have. Try showing them your bank balance!

But hey, you do actually want to gift her a bunch of things to make her happy!

So, now that you are ready to spend a heart-stopping amount of money on her for that one day when Jesus was born, and other people receive gifts, and her birthday, you might need a few options. We hear you! We have listed down a few items that will match their traits perfectly according to their sun sign!

You’re welcome!

Saggittarians Love To Travel

One of the traits of a Sagittarius is that they love to travel! And to keep the wanderlust in her alive she needs to the miniature of everything.  Especially if she is going to go off to the mountains frequently. This gentle soap is perfect for nourishing the skin, is gentle and smells divine.

Neemli Naturals Pure Olive Castile Bathing Bar

Neemli Naturals Pure Olive Castile Bathing Bar (Rs. 525)

Sagittarians Are Up For An Adventure

Another one of their traits is being adventurous! And what’s better than these Adidas shoes from their Falcon collection that will keep her feet comfortable while she is busy trekking up mountains or coming down on a rope!



Sagittarians Are Optimistic

Positivity is the key to live life for Sagittarians! They would appreciate a session of  yoga in a room filled with the aroma from these scented candles from Farah Khan. They will thank you for giving them time to relax  after their various tiring escapades!



Capricorns Love Their Discipline!

Your Capricorn friend might annoy with her healthy choices and how *disciplined* she is with her workouts, sleep, etc. Is she even human? But if actually want to support her (you know, from a distance lest she ask you to join), then the Apple Watch Series 4 is the perfect gift ! The fitness tracker tells you how many calories have been torched , how long you worked out, whether you reached your goal, what your heart rate is like, etc. etc.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 (Rs. 40,900)

Capricorns Are Ambitious To A Fault

Capricorns are tend to be very ambitious. If you’ve noticed your friend doing a small celebratory dance ’cause they achieved their goal (s), chances are, they are Capricorns.  Be her BFF and help her climb the ladder with this Ted Baker bag and let her think of you at work!

Ted Baker Dark Purple Evening Bag

Ted Baker Dark Purple Evening Bag (Rs. 8,000)




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