What Is Hyperbaric Therapy, That Samantha Ruth Prabhu Had To Undergo?

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Nowadays, it has become very important for us to keep ourselves aware and updated about the various kinds of diseases and infections plaguing the world. In the era of social media, even celebrities going through various types of health conditions are now making efforts to educate the world about it. Recently, Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared a picture from one of her Hyperbaric Therapies and also a screenshot for an explanation. The actress was also diagnosed with an anti-immune disease, Myositis and to fight it, she has to take the therapy. Let’s understand what Hyperbaric Therapy is and how it increases the oxygen level in the body. 


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What Is Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric Therapy is an artificial way of giving your lungs the extra oxygen they cannot get under natural circumstances. There is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber where the air pressure is more than your natural surroundings so that the lungs can take in pure oxygen, which the body can use even without the therapy. 

When Is It Done?

When the tissues in a human body are wounded and fail to do their required job, the body demands more oxygen. That is when Hyperbaric therapy comes into play. The treatment provides the body with enough level of pure oxygen to sustain and fight back.  The extra oxygen that the body gets from the therapy becomes useful to fight the bacterias that are damaging tissues in the body. 

Recommended For Whom?

Hyperbaric Therapy is recommended for people who are suffering from diseases like decompression sickness, severe anaemia and tissue wounding diseases among others. Samantha Ruth Prabhu was diagnosed with an anti-immune disease and to heal the damaged tissues, the actress had to undergo this therapy too. 

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However, Samantha Ruth Prabhu has stood strong in the face of adversity and recently posted a thread of pictures to share her perspective on life. In the post, she also added a picture from one of her therapy sessions.


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A post shared by Samantha (@samantharuthprabhuoffl)

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