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#Trending : A 26-Year-Old Techie From Hyderabad Lost Her Job And Started Selling Vegetables To Support Her Family. Her Grit Is Inspiring

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One hit to the iceberg, unpredictable and almost unforeseeable, and down went the Titanic, slowly at first and then all at once, encapsulating within it, hundreds of lives that never saw it coming. A synopsis of the hit and tragic movie Titanic might as well be an analogy for the year 2020. We don’t know what hit us and with the pandemic, down went savings and careers of so many people out there. Including those who once dreamt of scaling new heights, but for now are only measuring the depth of the ocean.

As lakhs of people found themselves lost in the middle of this crisis, with fear of the virus coming in just as strong as fear of losing all of their savings during this lockdown, the world hit a global recession that most of us are still grappling with. With millions having had lost their  jobs in this pandemic, companies collapsing and businesses crumbling,  times are tough. And you know that is true when you see a 26-year-old techie, selling vegetables to make ends meet after she lost her job to the pandemic.

Unadadi Sharada from Hyderabad, a young and talented woman, was working for an MNC when she found her life turned upside down, after she was laid off from her job. Sharada’s company could no longer afford paying her salary or find a project for her to work on and they decided to let her go.

However, unlike so many people out there, who either put their head in the sand and are hoping for the best, or are constantly looking for back-ups in case the worst happens, Unadadi did something we couldn’t have expected. Not letting the current situation of unemployment get her down or keep her from putting in honest and hard work, she chose to switch to selling vegetables, to be able to earn money for her family’s survival.

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She wakes up at 4 am every morning to go to the wholesale vegetable market, collects her stock and spends the day trying to sell vegetables to get home a decent amount of money to run the household. Her story, as heartbreaking as it was inspiring, soon found its way to none other than Sonu Sood, and there he was, ready with a solution.

After being tagged in a tweet by one Ritchie Shelson, Sonu Sood took the matters in his own hands and later tweeted back writing, “My official met her. Interview done. Job letter already sent. Jai hind.” And just like that, one more family was saved by his compassion. Guess, that is all we really need at this time, to come out of this pandemic just fine. And who else to learn better from, than the expert Sood?

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