5 International Travel YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To NOW!

5 International Travel YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To NOW!

What do you do when you are stuck at your daily job and dream of travelling, every second of every day? You either cry while looking at your friend’s travel Instagram posts or you cry reading travel blog posts. Now, I give you another reason to cry — Youtubers who are killing it with their adventures. There is one thing to look at posts and read about them, and another to watch it happen, even if it’s virtual. The whole experience brings you a step closer to reality. And these vloggers are doing exactly that — living their kickass lives and giving us #travelgoals every day!

Among the many that are there, here are our top picks, who you need to follow if you have been bitten by the travel bug!


1. Devin Super Tramp

If there is anyone who can give you some serious #FOMO, it is this guy. With over 4 million subscribers, he has taken the internet world by storm. He was an instant hit, right from his first video. In his videos, you see him and his friends jumping off cliffs, ice skating, bungee jumping, and some more jumping. This adventure channel will make you go ‘woah’ more than a few times. Undoubtedly, my favourite.


2. Mike Corey

His YouTube channel, Kick The Grind, has become immensely popular, especially for his underwater videos. It’s a one-stop place for everything from travelogues to food to adventure sports. What else? Tips and tricks that will make travelling a lot more comfy for you. Your mid-week stress is sure to disappear with his Wednesday uploads!


3. Louis Cole

Fun For Louis is one channel you HAVE to subscribe to! With his deadly locks, hot bod, dreamy eyes, and amazing sense of humour, his videos are super entertaining. With the regular travel videos, he also puts up fun collabs with his friends. Also, he has a whole series from his trip to India, where you can see him running behind rickshaws. WHAA?


4. Sonia Gil

This gorgeous girl from Venezuela has your trips set with her useful and amazing tips. She speaks from her years of experience of travelling around the globe. Quick tricks that will be handy wherever you go, she is sure to become your go-to person for any kind of trip.


5. Kristen Sarah

Another girl who is basically inspiring us to travel way more than we do. Kristen worked day in and out to be able to make travel her lifestyle. Her videos are about different food delicacies from around the world, things to do at various places, and a lot of colour! You literally travel the whole town or city through her eyes.

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