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Pack Your Bags Because This Is The Best City In The World To Live In

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Every year, Travel + Leisure announces a list of best places in different categories, and this year, the list seems never ending. According to its list of ‘Best Cities In The World’, the first spot goes to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

Yes, I’ll wait till you are done pronouncing it.



This small city, situated in North America, far away from crowded spaces, has been voted the best city to live in by the readers of the magazine, and if you didn’t know about it already, it’s time you did.

Cobbled pathways and welcoming streets lined with cutesy houses and  shops painted in different colours — walking on these paths will give you the feeling of living inside a painting, one that has been created with artistic brilliance. It is beautiful and peaceful, at the same time.



San Miguel De Allende boasts of a 500-year-old colonial history that adds to the rustic charm of this city. After the Second World War, the locals migrated and it was termed a ghost town.

But soon after, foreign artists found peace in this sleepy town, which is how it became the go-to place for people with a hunger for the arts.

It is home to artists, writers, musicians, and anyone looking for inspiration to feed their creativity. Also, veterans of the war who reside here have plenty of stories to regale you with.



Apart from all of this, the reason why this city has such high living stats is because the standard of living is great, but the cost of it is comparatively low. Since we pay upwards of Rs 45,000 per month to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in Mumbai, this definitely sounds like the better option. Plus, no traffic.

Most of the entertainment in San Miguel is free. El Jardín, which is the open plaza, has a market area for everyone to spend their evenings at. Parroquia, one of the city’s largest churches, is also a UNESCO heritage site.



There are numerous places for the nature enthusiasts to spend their time at, as well. Escondido Place, for one, is a little outside the city and has a number of thermal pools to cannonball into. Hiking and trekking spots are also aplenty.

Though there are buses available and bikes on hire, the best way to explore this tiny town is by foot.

When in San Miguel, you must hog on all the delicious food the city has to offer — be it the tacos and rolls that the vendors sell on their carts, or a fine dining experience at a rooftop restaurant.



Luna Rooftop Restaurant is a hot favourite for romantic, candlelit dinners and gorgeous night-time views of the silent city.

Head to Andy’s cart for your street food run and Cafe Lavanda for a scrumptious breakfast. For more about how to eat like a local when in San Miguel De Allende, go here.

This city is ideal for a romantic getaway or your honeymoon, and even a fantastic place for a destination wedding.

It’s also a popular city to live in after retirement. Going by the number 1 rank and the cultural heritage, I don’t see why not!



So whether you want to relocate, take a holiday, or lose and then find yourself in the city’s serene locales, you should start saving ASAP to head to San Miguel de Allende. Why?

Because though living here is affordable, the flight fare from India is certainly not. A one-way ticket, 3 months from now, will cost you approximately Rs 70,000, and that too, on a 36-hour flight. You lose some, you gain some, yeah?


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