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What Is Tejas Express? And What Is So Special About This Train?

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Termed as ‘an aeroplane on the ground’, India’s first premium train was flagged off yesterday by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu at Dadar, Mumbai. Tejas Express is a step forward for our country, to make luxury trains affordable for the citizens.

Here is everything that the train has to offer and more!

  • Three hours after it was open for bookings, the 20 coach train was fully booked and waitlisted till May 27th.
  • The train officially starts functioning from tomorrow and will run 5 days a week. In the monsoon, however, the frequency will go down to 3 days a week.
  • The train has one executive AC chair car with 56 seating capacity and 12 AC chair cars with 78 seat capacity of each coach.
  • It is expensive with the executive rate at Rs 2,940 (with food) and Rs 2,540 (without food), and for AC chair car the fare has been fixed at Rs 1,850 (with food) and Rs 1,220 (without food).
  • Apart from that, there will be a catering service on board too.


Tejas Express_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Hindustan Times


  • LED TV, WiFi assistance, phone charging sockets at each seat, and a button to call the train attendant are the facilities provided.
  • Coffee and tea vending machines, and magazine and snack tables, CCTV cameras, GPS trackers, and fire detectors are the other attention worthy features of this train.
  • The train will run at a speed of 160km/hr
  • The most dreadful part of trains has been taken care of in Tejas Express with the toilets being bio-vacuum toilets, having water-level indicators, tap sensors, and hand dryers.
  • There is also braille assistance provided.
  • The train will soon also ply between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

But do we deserve these so-called luxuries? The windows of the train were shattered on the day of its inaugural run, even before it was made available to the public. Let’s see how long this dream lasts, shall we?


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