9 Travel Accessories Every Girl Needs To Own!

9 Travel Accessories Every Girl Needs To Own!

I truly believe that the best thing a girl can gift herself is a vacation. Travel is the only thing I will never mind spending my money on. It gives you an enriching experience that will stay with you for a long, long time. Even a short weekend getaway is enough to reboot your system. While booking your stay and tickets should get priority, you must also pay attention to what you carry. The perfect travel accessories can help you have the time of your life, while the wrong ones can turn your holiday into a disaster. You don’t want to miss out on the fun because of a lack of essential amenities, right?

Check out these amazing travel accessories that will make your next trip a sure-shot success! And just in time for the long weekend that is right around the corner.

Oriflame Women’s Tote Bag (Rs 1,600)

1. Travel Tote

Totes are easy to carry and fun to look at! This striped one by Oriflame looks classy and yet has a holiday vibe to it. A lovely monsoon morning, long walks and this amazing bag. Perfect! If not this, then check out this list of bags that are drool-worthy!

SHOP NOW: Oriflame Women’s Tote Bag (Rs 1,600)  


Passport Cover_Hauterfly
Propshop 24 Passport Cover (Rs 950)

2. Passport Cover

What’s that one thing that you have to guard with your life while going out of the country? A passport, duh! Make it look good by putting it in this vibrant purple cover by PropShop. It needs a break from the dull blue body it now has. Okay, I’m outta here!

SHOP NOW: Propshop 24 Passport Cover (Rs 950)  


Luggage Rag_Hauterfly
Chumbak India Luggage Tag (Rs 295)

3. Travel Tag

When I was a kid, my mom would write our names on the suitcases with chalk, but thankfully, now there are super cute tags available in the market that will make your bags look oh-so good. Like this India-inspired colourful tag from Chumbak. Never loose your baggage again!

SHOP NOW: Chumbak India Luggage Tag (Rs 295)  


Jewellery Case_Hauterfly
Uberlyfe Trave Jewellery Case (Rs 850)

4. Jewellery Case

Every time I return from a holiday, something or the other goes missing from my jewellery collection. Yes, that leads to me crying copious tears and my mom blaming me for being careless. But that is going to change with this simple pastel Uberlyfe travel jewellery vanity box. If I lose my stuff now, then I’m hopeless for sure!

SHOP NOW: Uberlyfe Trave Jewellery Case (Rs 850)  


neck pillow_Hauterfly
The Crazy me Travel Neck pillow (Rs 699)

5. Neck Pillow

Not all flights give you a decent quality pillow and trains for sure don’t know what comfortable pillows are. So to avoid sleepless nights and dark circles, buy this patterned neck pillow that will ensure you are not tired, even after a long journey.

SHOP NOW: The Crazy me Travel Neck pillow (Rs 699)  


eye patch_Hauterfly
Jonty Water Eye Patch (Rs 250)

6. Eye Patch

No, not asking you to be a pirate. Although, that would be cool! But, much like the neck pillow above, eye patches offer uninterrupted slumber as well. And this panda eye patch by Jonty Water is so cute! Getting proper rest while travelling is important, if you want to stay fresh while exploring the destination.

SHOP NOW: Jonty Water Eye Patch (Rs 250)  


flip flops_Hauterfly
Flipside Flip Flops (Rs 249)

7. Flip Flops

What’s a vacation without comfortable footwear? Ditch your high heels and get these anchor flip flops by Flipside on Koovs for a dirt cheap rate!

SHOP NOW: Flipside Flip Flops (Rs 249)  


Uberlyfe Travel Pouches (Rs 399)

8. Travel Pouches

Now that your jewellery is sorted, other essentials like your toothbrush, hair brushes, clips and sanitiser need a place of their own. Instead of just dumping them in your bags, buy this Uberlyfe pouch set that will make sure all your things are in order.

SHOP NOW: Uberlyfe Travel Pouches (Rs 399)  


Fujifilm Insta Mini 8 Polaroid Camera (Rs 3,895)

9. Polaroid Camera

Enough with the selfie sticks! Time to turn rustic. Buy a cute Polaroid camera that will capture all your happy moments in style. Memories on a photo string with fairy lights? Yes Please!

SHOP NOW: Fujifilm Insta Mini 8 Polaroid Camera (Rs 3,895)  


What’s the one travel accessory you just cannot travel without? Let us know in the comments below!

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