Malaika Arora Is Off Again And This Time, She’s Going To Melbourne. Man, We Want Her Life

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Malaika Arora can give us a lot of goals. Have you seen her stepping out of the gym? She will make you reconsider all of your life’s choices with just one picture. And then of course, even without a stitch of makeup, she looks like a freaking goddess, so there’s that. And now, her jet-setting ways are making us insanely jealous. First of all, because she travels so much, she can create so much content that’s lust-worthy. While the only thing we are creating right now is snot because the office AC is practically freezing us. Also, she gets to enjoy the sun and get a tan like Jennifer Lopez, while we are soaking down to our chaddis thanks of the monsoon and the tan is from all the muck on our face.

Point being, I want her life. She was in Maldives recently, for a shoot. No, I know. She probably shot this before but hey, at one point in time, she was in Maldives, okay? With sand between her toes (and if she’s a mortal like me, in crevices she didn’t know sand could go to) and with those turquoise waters.

Before that, she was in New York, prancing around and making the best of her time there. She was living it up and she was there with boyfriend Arjun Kapoor.

At some point, which we can’t confirm because she didn’t, she jetted off to the Maldives. And again, she had everything going for her.

And now, she and Arjun Kapoor are headed to Melbourne to be part of a film festival. Okay, I am officially jealous. She’s travelling and living her best life. While I am sitting here and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Are you feeling inadequate already? Yeah, us too.

Seen it all?

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