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7 Things To Know Before Dating Someone Who Is Always On The Go

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Dating someone who keeps travelling, who chalks out their next trip even before the current one is over, who is literally always on the go, can be exhausting. You find yourself in a situation which is like a long-distance relationship, but not quite.

But there is something magically beautiful about dating, just being with someone whose life revolves around exploring new places. They will open you up to so many new ideas, ones you were previously ignorant about.

Scroll down and see for yourself why dating a traveller is not a bad idea and yes, this one is biased, as I would be with a person like this in a heartbeat. Keep these things in mind and take the plunge to go on a wonderful journey with that special someone!



1. They Are Independent

And will encourage you to be too. They know the real meaning of giving space and will never be an obstacle in the path of your dreams, because they don’t want their partner to be in their’s. Both of you will do your own things and ultimately find yourself with each other, forever.



2. Open To Trying New Things

Adventure is in their blood, so your dates will not only be those candlelit ones, but will also involve random hiking sessions, weekend getaways, village stays, insane local games, homestay expeditions, and so on. Plus, whatever you suggest, 9/10 times they will agree to go ahead with it.



3. So Many Privileges

Travelling certainly has its perks. It can be anything from extra miles to souvenirs from each place they visit — rest assured, you will be showered with meaningful gifts.



4. Never Short Of Friends And Stories

They may not hold ground at one place for long, but they do make friends that last a lifetime in every city that they go to. When they come back or even while communicating with you on the trip, they will have a plethora of things to tell you and you will get to see the world from the eyes of the person you love.

They will become the storyteller, while you will become the memory keeper.


5. They Will Help You Grow As A Person

Being with them, you will realise the importance and worth of many things. You will start prioritising matters and not care about the trivial things that would otherwise chew up your insides. You will grow as a human being, and become more sensible in their company, because they have actually seen how small we are in this vast planet.



6. No Expectations Whatsoever

Best part about them? Their expectations are always at an all-time low, they are always excited about the next chapter. Luxury gifts don’t woo them like a postcard or a handwritten letter does. Instead of a 7-course meal, they will be immensely happy to just share coconut water with you and stroll down the beach.



7. You Will Fall In Love Travel

More than anything, they will make you fall in love with travel. Slowly but surely, you will take trips together, see the world, explore it, and have someone to share it with. If a person does this to you, there is no one else that you should be with.


And I’m just going to leave this here…

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