The WordTrek App Will Have You Hooked!

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Ok, I know I recommended a game last week and two weeks ago, and you’re probably busy playing psych with your friends, but you HAVE to check out this new app! So, WordTrek is the hottest new app to hit my phone and I swear I’m addicted. If I had to quantify the addiction, I’d say it’s a bit less than my life ruining Pokemon Go addiction from last month. I spend at least half an hour on it every day and it’s made travelling way more bearable.

The premise of WordTrek is simple, you’re presented with a jumble of words, which when unscrambled create 2 related words. 10 puzzles comprise a level and as you finish each level, you slowly progress on your evolution from a humble little amoeba to an alien! It all starts off deceptively simple, but once you pass the Frog level, the word puzzles get tricky and fun! Power through the simple levels and trust me, you’ll eventually reach a stage where you’re stuck on the same puzzle for hours and days on end.

For someone who grew up playing Scrabble and solving the Reader’s Digest quiz, this simple game helps me fulfill my daily quota of fun while exercising my noggin. Go ahead and give this highly addictive game a try, once you get into the zone, you’ll be hooked!

Psst, don’t blame me saying I didn’t warn you about how addictive the game is! Download it here for Android and iOS.

Farozan Dossani

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