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Snapchat Just Tweaked Its Story Section AGAIN!

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Of course, Snapchat just had to roll out a new feature just when Instagram did, or was it vice versa? While Instagram is saving us from future embarrassments, Snapchat has introduced ‘shared stories’ feature, which is basically your WhatsApp friends’ group made public.

If you open the app RN, you will see a message from the Snapchat team that will take you through the whole process on how it works, but if you’re prone to feeling jealous of gorgeous girls in their bikinis at exotic locations, then please refrain from opening it. We’re here to help.


Snapchat Shared Stories Feature_Hauterfly


Open the app and you will see a plus sign on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you click it, you will find yourself on a new page that says ‘New Story’.


Snapchat Shared Stories Feature_Hauterfly


Type out the title of the story. So, if you are on a trip with your friends, type ‘Goa Gang’ (yeah, rubbing it in), or if you want to make a workgroup, type ‘Work Buds’. When you do this, the other options below the title will become accessible to you.


Snapchat Shared Stories Feature_Hauterfly


Now, you can choose who you want to add in this group and add them from your contacts. Whoever has been added will be able to post a story on this group. The next step is where the twist comes. You can even filter out who can view your story. But this also means that the story can be viewed by the contacts of your other group mates as well.


Snapchat Shared Stories Feature_Hauterfly


I’ll give you a minute to realise what has happened.

Yes, the cute guy on your friend’s contact list will be able to see your story too and will help you not be just a creep, but be one with a little dignity.

So, go on make ’em groups and start sharing stories, because just like Insta stories got a wider audience, Snapchat did too!


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