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Gmail Gets A Makeover, And Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

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Google decided to give its most-beloved application a makeover, and we give it a big thumbs up. Kudos to the tech and design team working on Gmail, ’cause some of the new features are a blessing! Rolled out to billions of users, the revamped version is now available to most people worldwide.


Gmail update_Hauterfly


Before we go into detail about its workings, for now you can only access it on your personal IDs. To do that, just click on the Settings icon on the top right-hand corner, and then click  — Try the new Gmail. I mean, they couldn’t have been more clear even if they tried.

Choose from Default, Comfortable or Custom mode to start. Personally, we always lean towards comfort, but you can take your pick.

And you are in a whole new world with Gmail. You can easily go back the same route, and return to your classic email. For us, we’re sticking to the new baby. Scroll down to see the top features!


Gmail update_Hauterfly

Active Icons

Actions like ‘Archive’, ‘Delete’, ‘Unread’ and ‘Snooze’ will now pop up beside individual emails, making it easier for you to clear out your inbox. Just hover your cursor over the particular mail, and find the four icons right there. Thank you, Gmail!


Gmail update_Hauterfly


If you were wondering what I mean by ‘Snooze’ in the last paragraph, then it’s the action that lets you read that mail at a particular time that you set. So literally like an alarm clock. Works best for peeps who are always busy and want to reply to mails later.


Gmail update_Hauterfly


If you don’t even have time to set ‘Snooze’, Gmail still has your back. With the new ‘nudge’ feature, you’ll get reminders from the server itself if you haven’t checked/replied to an email for a long time. Creepy much? Uhmm… maybe. But Google anyway knows everything. Just watch Black Mirror, and you’ll know.


Gmail update_Hauterfly

Side Panel

The calendar feature now appears on a side panel within the main Gmail page to make everyone more productive, and efficient. In simple words — your mails and calendar are synced so that you can access it with just one click.


Gmail update_Hauterfly


All Word docs, images, video files etc will now show up with the mail on the main home page. You can directly download the attachments without even opening the mail.

Yes, we are going to save a hell lot of time with these new updates. Well, provided you have a great Internet connection.


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