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These Headphones Are Increasing Japleen’s Cool Quotient!

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Two things are sacred in my office: a) coffee mugs, and b) earphones. If you borrow them, you have to return it within the specified time frame or face severe consequences.

Well, guess what… I lost my pair of earphones. It was the most unbearable week of my life. So, you must imagine my happiness when I saw two pairs of amazing headphones in the mail. I was skipping around like I’d won a lottery.

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Headphone Zone Master & Dynamic MH 40 (Rs 29,999)

Headphone Zone sent us these swanky Master and Dynamic headphones, and the introvert in me (there is a little part, I swear!) got real excited.

These brown leather, noise cancellation headphones were the answer to my creative distractions. It got easier to work, and to ignore unwanted people with these babies on.

Super comfortable and easy to wear, there were zero hassles while listening to music. If I have to be very honest, my long hair did get stuck while removing them, but hey, that’s just my life problem.

I have to admit, my confidence shot up a notch as I walked around the office with the headphones on. All eyes were on me, and I suddenly felt like the ‘cool kid’ at school.

A great accessory for the girl who loves all things fashionable, or for the one who is geek chic, these headphones will even make for a great gift.

Though the price is steep, the high quality and good looks make it worth the buy.

SHOP NOW: Headphone Zone Master & Dynamic MH 40 (Rs 29,999)


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