I Switched From An Android Phone To The iPhone 11 And While I Struggled, It’s Still The Best Decision I’ve Made

For many, many years, I have been a user of an Android phone. Only because I don’t really do much with my phone. Calling, messaging, yes. Erm, who doesn’t do that? And of course, mindless scrolling through social media channels. But I don’t really make full use of my phone. I don’t connect all my devices, digitise my home and the like. And for these purposes, my Android phones served me just fine. I enjoyed using them and didn’t feel like I was missing a thing.

Then, I was introduced to the power that is an iPhone and throughout the time that I was exploring this phone, I was thinking, ‘Why did I not switch before?’ because while the Android phones are great performers, this is the headliner. We are talking some genuinely good stuff here.

Yes, there were some hiccups, but then again, who doesn’t have those? The migration from the Android systems to the iOS came with its set of challenges. For example, transferring my Whatsapp data required some NASA level legwork which I was too lazy to do.

The Easy Peasy Bit

What I loved with the iPhone set up is that they completely eliminate the guesswork out of things. Which for a technologically challenged person like me, is quite a relief. There are little arrows everywhere telling you how to open, unlock and push things out to get them to work. There’s no figuring out of things which I really appreciate. Many a phone has been sacrificed at the altar of impatience because I couldn’t figure my way around it. I encountered no such problems with my iPhone unboxing.


The Change Up

I will admit it, I was really skeptical about the switch. But within a day, I was well-eased into the Apple ecosystem. Yes, there are certain navigation tools that are vastly different and I had to Google how to take a screenshot (with my Android phone I had to only wave on my phone to get one) but once I had the hang of it, the rest of it was easy. 2 weeks in, I do sometimes get lost, not sure where the icons are or where I might find a particular thing, but for the most part, it’s been a ride of discovery I’ve tremendously enjoyed.


The Really Good Thing

I’ve tried a lot of cameras on a lot of phones. I enjoy taking pictures, mostly of myself, but what the hell, they are pictures. And the camera on the iPhone 11, the both of them are terrific. The level of clarity and detail offered is unmatched. I knew I was a convert when my first selfie made it to my Instagram profile (I don’t put the selfies there anymore, that’s so old school). Overall, while it may have seemed like the dual camera system could’ve just been a design upgrade, it isn’t. It offers so much more.

I loved that I moved. I may have had a few glitches (mostly because I don’t know how to work it) but for the most part, I really enjoyed the movie. iPhone for the win! *glares at Android users*

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