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5 International Calling Apps That’ll Transcend Geography

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Raise your hands if you’re the kind of person who’ll always choose a phone call over text. There’s a certain romance in calling your squad, and listening to them ramble and rant about their day and, ever since a few of my friends moved away, I’ve started feeling like my days are incomplete. If you’re like me, skip those annoying calling cards and make an international call using one of these apps instead.


This killer app allows you to video chat with up to 8 of your friends at once, for a fun party! Read our entire review here.

Download it here: iOS and Android!


For those of you who don’t want to risk making a dent in your internet pack, check out Ringo, a calling app that doesn’t need wifi or 4G. Word from the wise: you’ll have to purchase minutes, but the cost is negligible.

Download it here: iOS and Android


Another free calling and video app, this one allows you to create a group of people you can video chat with! I especially love the fact that you can add a cool Snapchat-like filter on your face while you chat. Another benefit is that you can also purchase Oovoo credits and call landline numbers.

Download it here: iOS and Android


Ok, you’re either living under a rock or in China if you don’t have Whatsapp, and with the new update, Whatsapp not only allows you to make calls to any of your contacts, but video chat with them too! Just ensure you’re on Wifi and not 4G, ok? Thank me later.

Download it here: iOS and Android

Google Duo

Google Duo is designed to be simple, easy, and fun. It’s the kind of simple-to-navigate app you download on your parents’ phones.

Download it here: iOS and Android


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