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You Can Now Archive Your Embarrassing Posts On Instagram

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And we are back with the Instagram update of the week! This one, however, is a little bit of a secret, as there is no mention of it anywhere, even on Instagram’s blog.

If you happen to download the app today, you will notice a circular icon on your profile page. Now, before you widen your eyes and start throwing questions at me about why I didn’t have Instagram, let me tell you this.

Well, yesterday, I had planned to go on a digital detox and deleted all the apps, but since my job doesn’t afford me such luxuries, I re-installed it and am back uploading Insta stories of everything and anything.


Archive On Instagram_Hauterfly


Back to the topic at hand, that circular icon at the top right-hand corner is the Archive section, where you can now shift all those posts you no longer want on your feed, but don’t want to delete either. Such as images that got few likes or your very first poorly edited/filtered post, and so on.

And if you do change your mind later, you can upload it from the section to the main page at anytime.


Archive On Instagram_Hauterfly


This feature is still being tested and hasn’t rolled out for all the users yet. Guess, I was plain lucky.

In other news, Instagram now also allows you to find ‘stories’ from around the world, by searching for the location tag and the hashtag in the explore section. Your stories just got a much larger audience than you expected!

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