How To Stop Videos From Auto-Playing On Facebook

An annoying new feature on Facebook — which plays videos automatically the minute you see it in your feed — has got to be one of our most recent pet peeves here at Hauterfly HQ. After all, you don’t want that cute cat video automatically playing while your boss is passing by. Or Lady Gaga’s new song playing on full volume when you’re browsing in the middle of lectures, meetings or social gatherings.

What’s worse: this autoplay feature is not limited to the desktop. It also plays videos automatically on mobile, meaning serious consumption of your data plan through no real fault of your own. (There goes all your allotted data for stalking your crushes and exes on social media, unless you’re on an unlimited data plan.) However, we’ve discovered that there’s a super easy fix for this. All you have to do is follow these steps for both the web as well as mobile and turn off that annoying auto-play feature once and for all.

On Your Phone

a. Go to View Your Profile and click on Account Settings.

b. Click on Videos and Photos.

c. You can now select if you want to turn auto-play off completely, or play videos only when you have Wi-Fi.

On The Web

a. Click on Settings.
(Look for the downward-pointed arrowhead on the extreme right of your screen, click it and scroll down to Settings, located right above the Log Out option.)

b. Click on Videos.
(Look for the last option in the column on the left side of the screen.)

c. Under Video Settings -> Auto-Play Videos -> click Off instead of Default.

Et voila! You can thank us later!

Shachi Lavingia

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