Here’s How You Can DIY A Fidget Spinner With A Wee Bit Of Patience

DIY Fidget Spinners_Hauterfly

There is a new gadget in town and looking at the many snap and insta stories that are doing the rounds, it is quite a hit. Fidget spinners are the latest addiction and more than adults, it is the kids that are going crazy over it.

Fidget spinners are stress relieving tools that were designed in the ’90s, only to get immensely popular now. Though they were initially created for kids with special needs (autism being the major one), this gadget has taken over the school playgrounds and office cubicles too.

This 3-blade tool is widely available in the market and online, but if you have some time on hand and want to experiment a bit, why not make one yourself?

My enthu colleague, Aaron, who ordered around 20 fidget spinners for the whole team (please, go back to the point about kids?) won’t be too happy with this, but here is a video that will show you 3 ways to make this highly, addictive gadget.

Yes, you might just end up being completely stress-free, because you will get no work done! No, honestly.


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