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Apple’s Clips App Just Got Updated & We Have All The Deets!

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A few months ago, Apple launched Clips, a video app that was a complete game-changer. And now they’re back with version 2!




Launching today, Clips 2.0 has the same cool features of subtitles appearing while recording a video, filters, stickers etc. Plus, something called ‘Posters’. This feature will add animated title or end slates to your videos giving it a professional touch.




But what caught our fancy was the introduction of Selfie Scenes. Using the True Depth camera feature of iPhone X, you can now add different locations while recording the video. From a bustling city to a serene beach, and even Millennium Falcon and Mega-Destroyer from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. You have plenty of options.

Also, side note: they’re so damn addictive!




New stickers include the likes of a lot of fun elements, and Disney characters like Mickey Mouse! So, you have a lot to play around with while making your movie.

The updated version of the app is available now for iPhone 7 and higher handsets but Selfie Scenes (the coolest feature) is only available in iPhone X. Quite a catch, no?

Another reason to keep us hooked to our phones, the Clips app is a must for a social media fanatic.

Keep watching our social media feed today as we show you firsthand how the app works.


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