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Rajasthan Royals To Wear Pink To Support Breast Cancer

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In a world where testosterone levels are insanely high, adrenaline is pumping, and abuses are flying thick and fast, this is welcome deviation. Yes, we are talking about cricket and the current IPL tournament, which is sport, entertainment, and for some, gambling, all rolled into one. But amidst it all, one team is actually taking up the cause of early cancer detection and awareness.

Team Rajasthan Royals will be wearing pink, teal and burgundy jerseys in their home game. The team’s captain Ajinkya Rahane and a few players got themselves screened in an effort to create awareness about early cancer screening. The 3 colours represent 3 different types of cancer; pink for breast cancer, the colour teal is for oral cancer, and burgundy represents cervical cancer.

It might be a small step, but when the platform is as big as the Indian Premier League, it is bound to draw attention to the cause.

According to the Health Ministry, breast cancer ranks as the number one cancer among Indian females with rate as high as 25.8 per 100,000 women, and mortality of 12.7 per 100,000 women.

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