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This Is Why Kreena Is Obsessed With The ‘Physique 57’ Workout!

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New York-based fitness company, Physique 57, has made its way to Mumbai, and everybody is going crazy about it! The 57-minute workout class blends cardio, strength training, stretching, and recovery to rapidly transform your body from the very first visit.

This weekend I tried out both the categories of classes that they offer – Fundamental & Signature, which are segregated based on fitness level and performance, and here’s how it went.

When I walked into the class, I was surprised to see there were no fancy equipment or machines, which was perfect to bring variety to my usual HIIT (high intensity) workouts. This workout is done using a barre and just your own body weight to target muscles to the point that your body can’t take, and then stretch them for relief.

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What I absolutely loved about the class is that it was a full body workout for the duration of 57 minutes, and it did not leave me tired and exhausted. I can totally see myself doing this before I go to work each morning, and starting my day right!

The class started off with concentrating on the arms, where we did a bunch of bicep curls with dumbbells as well as push-ups! Then we used the bar. Let me warn you; the toughest part of the hour is the legs. Since I have been working out regularly I sailed through the Fundamentals class, but in the Signature class, my thighs, calves, and hamstrings were in terrible pain! The shivers in the muscles definitely show that you are working out just fine, but it was pretty intense! Then we started working on the abs, which was followed by a cool down stretch.

This full body workout was just as effective as my other high intensity workouts, but very little movement and barely any sweat… which means my hair stays flawless even after a 57-minute session! Another plus point was that there were no shoes involved!!! Yes, this workout is the done on a soft carpeted floor, which is perfect for any balanced routine and ensures that there is very little impact on your joints.

If I knew that I would burn a whopping 600 kcal by working out on a soft carpeted floor, I would have definitely signed up for this class instantly. The workout made me feel so fit after just two sessions that I just went straight ahead to my favourite salad joint right after it.

Although the class is a little pricey (Rs 2000 each), it is effective if you’re looking for quick results in a short amount of time. Apparently, 8 classes are all you need to see a visible change in your body.

Last but not the least, this two-day experience at Physique 57 was nothing short of the best choreography, blissful music and beats, and instructors dedicated to keeping you motivated, while your muscles might scream out in pain!

Where: Physique 57, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai

Cost: Rs 2000 per session

For more info: Log onto Physique 57


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