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10 Movies To Watch With Your Mom This Mother’s Day!

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Keep aside all your plans this Sunday and spend some quality mommy-daughter time on Mother’s Day. And what’s better than hanging out at home watching your favorite movies together? You must’ve figured out what gifts to surprise her with, but now it’s time to give her the most special one — which is time with her loved ones. When was the last time you sat down with mommy dearest and had a real conversation, apart from “Ma, I’m hungry!” or “I’ll reach home soon!”? It’s time for some bonding and re-connecting with the most important woman in your life.

The best way to bring my family together in the living room is to watch a movie we all enjoy. My mom and I have a few favorites that we HAVE to watch together, and they just never get old. It takes very little for her to cry her heart out, and it’s also fun to see her hide her tears! Here’s a list of 10 movies we love and have literally watched a hundred times over. Do not forget to keep a box of tissues by your side!


1. Stepmom

This is the first movie that came to my mind when I was making this list. It’s about two women who have to share a family and the drama that follows. Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon are two names that are enough to make you want to watch this one. Reminder: tissues that I mentioned earlier!


2. Taare Zameen Par

Ishaan is a little boy who finds it difficult to focus on school and homework. Instead, he is always caught up in his own world of imagination and wonder. A great movie to watch with your mum. If you don’t cry when the song Maa comes up, I don’t know what you are made of!


3. My Sister’s Keeper

Okay, so I teared up just watching the trailer again. You have to watch this for the amazing performances and the emotional rollercoaster it takes you through. It’s a story of a family that is trying to cope with a young daughter’s chronic disease.


4. English Vinglish

This movie was truly a breath of fresh air in Bollywood, thanks in no small part to Gauri Shinde’s fantastic script and direction. What a perfect way for Sridevi to make a comeback, no? My mum totally relates to this and makes the entire family watch it whenever it comes on TV. Every daughter and mother needs to watch this one for sure.


5. Freaky Friday

A busy mom and her rebel daughter do not get along but then they switch bodies and that’s when all the fun begins! This movie is a super fun comedy but also shows how everyone has battles to fight.


6. Paa

This movie’s focus is on the father-son relationship, but you can’t negate Auro’s precious relationship with his mother and grandmother. Overall, the movie is so heartwarming and touching that you should definitely watch this with your mom.


7. Brave

Meet Disney’s most badass princess Merida, who like any of us keeps having arguments with her mother and tries to dodge any restrictions that are forced on her. It shows how she rescues her mother from a curse and the adventures that come along the way.


8. Piku

I watched this with my parents and at the end of it my mom told me, “I hope you are preparing to take care of me when I’m this old and annoying!” Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan come together to create magic in this amazing feel-good movie, which could be a perfect watch this Mother’s Day.


9. The Perfect Man

I used to watch Lizzie McGuire with my mum, so whenever this movie is on, we have to watch it together. Holly is a teenager who is fed up of moving to new cities because her mother can’t find the perfect man. The movie is about how Holly looks out for her and keeps her away from all the bad choices she’s been making. Also, Mr. Big from Sex And The City. #JustSaying.


10. No Reservations

A control freak chef struggles to figure out how to raise her niece, and along the way learns to loosen up a little and not be so uptight about everything. Beside the moving moments between Catherine Zeta Jones and Abigail Breslin, you will drool over all the amazing food that they cook together!

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