Mother’s Day Gifting Guide: 13 Meaningful Gifts For Mom So She Can’t Say, “Itna Kharcha Kyun Kiya?”

She'll love these gifts!

If there’s one person in our families that we just cannot shop for, it’s our moms. No matter how long we take to pick a special gift for our creator aka moms, they always manage to reprimand us for spending money. But we have every reason to make Mother’s Day special for our mummy. Apart from cooking her that very special breakfast, we’ve put together a list of meaningful gifts that you can get your mom so, she can’t say, “iski kya zaroorat thi?” or “itna kharcha kyun kiya?”. Umm, what are you waiting for? Read on and quickly add these things to your cart to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Day Gifting Guide To Pick The Best Gift For Your Mom!

1. Sportwear For Fitness

Our moms are known to not pay attention to themselves while they toil away to take care of their kids. Make her day special by getting a gift that says, “Take care of yourself, Mom.” Gift your mom a pair of Adidas joggers and a tee to look chic as she goes for a run or pair of leggings and a tee for her yoga session!


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2. A Bag For Her Necessities

Just like all other women, our moms also carry their world in their bags. So, add a twist of style and colours to her bag by gifting her a cute printed bag from Zouk. And guess what? It’s big enough to fit her world in!


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3. Help Her Style Her Hair!

If there’s one thing our moms never do, it is – focus on themselves. Remind your mom to indulge in some self-care by gifting her hair styling tool from Ikonic that will help her do her hairdo in a jiffy!

4. Makeup Brushes For Glow Up!

We know our moms aren’t going to spend a bomb to buy new makeup brushes. So, feel free to get her a whole new set of professional makeup brushes from Proarte. Our moms deserve the best tool to help them glow up and look like the queens that they are!


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5. Help Her Manage Time With A Watch

Our mums spend all the time making sure that we’re on time and they do not need a watch to do it but remind her that she needs to take some time out for herself by gifting her a stylish watch that does not cost a bomb. Zayada kharcha nahi kiya, Maa!


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6. Customize Her Skincare

Aminu Life allows you to take a quiz to help them curate a customised skincare regime for your mom and they’ve got a Mother’s Day discount as well. Since she does not have time to personalise her skincare, this Mother’s Day you can do it for her!


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7. Keep Her Healthy With Proteins

Our moms always took care of our health and they continue to do so even today (no matter how old we grow). So, it’s time to turn the tables and start taking care of your mom by gifting her Trunativ’s Everday Protein which is easy to digest and it can help her stay healthy while she takes care of our health.

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8. Sneak Her Some Sneakers!

Help your mom up her sneaker game with Crepdog Crew! CDC has Asia’s largest sneaker wall with a sneaker collection to die for. Help your mom take her pick from their store. And if she’s into streetwear, she’s in for a treat because CDC Mumbai is home to 40+ homegrown streetwear brands. Psstt…they also have a cafe in the store for you to treat your mom!


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9. Skincare Bhi Hai Zaroori

Help your mom revamp her skincare regime and pamper her skin with some clean beauty products that are eco-friendly as well from Amala Earth. This Mother’s Day gift will help her protect her skin as well as the planet we live on!


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10. The Must-Have Comfy Footwear

If there’s one footwear that literally screams comfort, it’s Crocs! We all need that one must-have pair of comfy footwear but you know your mom isn’t going to spend money on herself. So, hit the nearest Crocs store and pick out a cute pair for her. You can also add jibbetz on her footwear to customise it for her!


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11. Make Her Smell Like The Goddess She Is!

Our moms are nothing short of Goddesses. I mean, they raised us and we all know it wasn’t easy! While you may be spending a bomb on smelling like royalty, chances are that your mom is choosing not to invest in a perfume but this is your chance to remind her to smell like the Goddess she is with Ajmal Perfumes. Pick a scent that reminds her of natural softness like her with perfumes from this brand.

12. A Good Night’s Sleep!

Remember when your mom sang a lullaby or told you a story to help you sleep at night? Now, it’s your turn to ensure she gets a good night’s sleep. And the best way to do it is to get her Morning Fresh Sleep. Morning Fresh has a range of sleep aid product which is made from natural ingredients that will help your mom sleep like a baby at night!


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13. A Day For Skincare

Book your mom a day for skincare at Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta’s beauty clinic ISAAC Luxe to enjoy a luxurious facial and a consultation with the dermatologist.


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These meaningful gifts will ensure that your mom doesn’t say, “Itna kharcha kyun kiya?”.

A Mother’s Day Gifting Guide, Even Though Mom Will Say, “Kya Zarurat Thi Iski?”

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