In A Brave Move, Woman Calls Out China For Its Rising Domestic Violence Cases Through Her Song.

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Women all across the world,  having had to grow up facing oppression in life, in one form or the other, are all in their own ways trying to change the system and how. Be it protests, a social media outrage, painting the town red with meaningful graffiti or in this case singing their hearts out in a song that sums up our struggles, it is safe to assume that women are done backing down. Or at least Tan Weiwei, a Chinese singer is, who recently blew people away with her powerful pop song! This is a song about domestic violence.

Hitting every note, every nerve, in the right way, her hit song Xiao Juan that she sung recently at the  live television performance captured a lot of attention from the audiences, as it went on to share the plight of women in the world but particularly in China, in a savage, moving yet dynamic way.

Writing such powerful lyrics and singing this song as a testament to all the gender-based violence in China, for they could be reminded of just how poorly women are treated in their country, and more than that, highlighting how over the past year only violence cases against women have been highlighted.

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Turns out Tan Weiwei is one of the very few,  or as many speculate the only one singer right now who is using her song and voice as a way to express her feelings and emotions. And considering how bold a step it can be to turn your art into an expression like this, we commend her for her effort and doing her bit. Also since in China, this is still a taboo.

Perhaps that is why, as much as her song left women inspired, it also left quite a few staunch men in a bad aftertaste for they didn’t sound all too convinced with her gimmick. However, Chinese music critic Postman shared with BBC that, “Years from now, when we look back at this time period, we will not only be looking at the usual films, books, news clips and media websites to know what happened. There will also be this album that has recorded the stories and names of all these ordinary women who would have otherwise been entirely forgotten.”

From the entire album this song, Tan Weiwei’s most hard-hitting song was in fact Xiao Juan, with lyrics like, “Our names are not Xiao Juan… Know my name, and remember it.”

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