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If You Were Wondering Why #JusticeForKirti Was Trending, It Is Because She Was Killed By Her In Laws For Dowry. This Is Alarming

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In an ideal world, marriages would be just what they are claimed to be – a union of love, a coming together of two people and two families and all that . But in our world, a world far away from the one we see in movies or read about in fairytales, marriages are a transaction. They are a way of families unburdening themselves of a daughter, all the while paying up to the groom’s family, as though she is commodity to be bought. And then, when that down payment on the girl, also known as dowry, doesn’t seem to be enough she is mistreated and in most cases, killed. As has happened with Kirti Kaushal who was murdered on 3rd may by her in-laws for dowry.

The incident happened in the Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh where a young girl named Kirti was murdered mercilessly by her own in-laws when the girl had refused to pay up dowry after marriage. And considering that dowry is a tradition that is banned in India because it is unethical and doesn’t make sense, for like people like these, that makes no difference.

And to imagine that money meant more to them than the life of a young woman, of their own daughter-in-law, only puts us face- to-face with this sickening reality and mindset of people still living among us. When the news reached the parents of the deceased, Kirti, her father lodged an FIR with the police at the Sambhal Police Station.

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However, the accused of the murder, Vipin Kumar, Neetu and Rudrakshi R. have still not been arrested by the police and for that the girl’s family has also been criticising the PI Chandausi Ashok for his lack of action and vigilance in the matter. Meanwhile, the parents and the family of the victim has also shared the unfortunate incident on the internet, to round up support from the netizens.

The sister of the victim put up a picture of Kirti on twitter and captioned it, “Here we are in the era of 2020. In this pandemic, can’t believe people can be so cruel. Kirti kaushal was murdered by her in-laws for dowry on 3rd of may in chandausi sambal. And they are still not arrested by the cops. Looks like they’re behaving as puppets. #Justiceforkirti.” The family is seeking #JusticeforKirti and we sure hope she gets it! It is time people realise, without more women having to lose their lives over it, that asking for dowry is illegal and that no amount of money is greater than another human life. 

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