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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week for Aries brings a space of forgiveness and as much as it may feel against your personal ideologies, it’s a time of hope and healing. The first step to this is to let go of those who have hurt you, whether it is words or actions or people. Create an altar – a place where you can meditate and allow the inner spirit to open up – and hold space for this healing and forgiveness.


Your vibe attracts your tribe Taurus, but sometimes even energy leeches are drawn to this burning fire of creative energy that you hone. Your conscience is clear, your intuition is strong – use it to allow yourself to see whom you need to associate yourself with. Particularly on the work front, analyse the team and see if you’re still on the same wavelength.


This week let your inner compass be your guide Gemini, both in the workspace where you are instinctually driven toward challenges that will have exponential payoffs. Indeed it’s a time of big bold risks. Of traveling with no maps or plans. Your natural charm ensures that you’re able to make every situation turn in your favour!


What is it that you’re hiding Cancer? Trust that in the end anything done out of ill intent or in attempts to dupe someone will come into the light. Whether on a professional or personal front, the key out of this situation is to have open communication. Keep judgments aside and address the reason why you feel the need to partake in underhanded activities.


Things are looking up for Leo as the rewards come pouring in and there is an abundance of wealth and happiness coming your way. Whether you regard the monetary or the intangible rewards higher, this is a moment of recognition for your perseverance and hard work so bask in it. Celebrate your creative side and indulge in new practices that harness this.


The energy this week for Virgo is rather volatile particularly because of indulging in petty arguments and ego clashes. There’s nothing wrong with it, we all get mixed up in our own thoughts sometimes but to move forward you have to stop comparing things to the past and instead focus on bigger things. Consider your contribution to the bigger causes. Look into sustainability practices, change your perspective on the situation.


Sometimes people walk back in to our lives simply to reiterate that we’re better off without them. In some cases to remind us that everyone deserves a second chance. This week is your personal nightmare because it is your decision on whether to follow the former or the latter! Focus solely on your inner peace and developing your higher intuition – it is your ultimate guide. Expect past issues on the home front to resolve easily.


This week provides an affirmation that if you set your mind to a task or toward a certain goal you are unstoppable. Put an end to the cycle of getting caught up in distractions and the shiny things, this is a time to cut through the veils of illusion and prioritise your actual goals. Move your project from the planning stage to execution and get things done!


It is only when the mind is freed of the ego that you can allow for room to grow. Know that winning isn’t as important as putting in the effort and ensuring that you invest 100% into everything – because even if delayed, your success is guaranteed in that case. This is a week of updating your world view particularly in the context of your self and the world.


This week brings with it a shift, movement towards a space where you are more in alignment with your true goals – expect changes therefore in the workspace. If nothing seems to be changing then it’s a sign that you need to create your own safe haven of creative expression. When people say art can be therapeutic, it isn’t far from the truth – take the leap and find out for yourself!


This week expect all blocks to clear out in your favour – particularly if there are monetary debts owed to you. Celebrate the rewards with your family and friends rather than indulging only on yourself. Seek out the answers to life’s harder questions, experiment with incense and meditation – the spiritual vibrations are high this week.


Put on your hiking shoes Pisces this week you’re bound for adventure and travel – even if it’s on a budget and you’re staying in a commune. The world is your wild unknown and you have a thirst for adventure, the point is you are grateful for everything you receive even if it may not look the best or fit in with the new age ideals of social media. There is more to life than what it appears as.


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