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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Say yeeeees! From matters of the heart to new projects at work, there is an abundance of options presented to you. All you need to do be open to them. This could come from anywhere, friendly advice, a sibling who offers help on a project, a cutie asking you to dinner. While it’s good to weigh your options, being too picky is no fun. Listen to your heart and take a leap of faith.



Taurus this week is bound to meet some frustration, while you’re all amped up and ready to take on the world, the gears don’t seem to be grinding in forward motion. What’s causing this delay? Perhaps this is the minute you need to re-examine your plan of action, catch any overlooked flaws. Prepare yourself to be fully committed to this project until you’ve reached your goal – maybe you need to sharpen a specific skill before you start. Patience is key here!



Okay Gemini the thing is you’re almost there, the promised land of success and glory is within reach but there’s a last minute delay. Everything’s been smooth sailing till now but this final roadblock is a sign that there are loose ends that need tying up. Maybe a plan for the future that needs some tweaking. This calls for pushing extra hard in your work, meeting all deadlines even if it means sacrificing Friday night beers at the pub down the street.



Blow up your instagram this week Cancer because you’re surrounded by love from all sides and this is the week to reconnect with every friend circle one by one. Embrace the best of your inner social butterfly because your natural ease with words and comforting aura is what draws people to you. RSVP yes to every party! We’re counting on you to be the belle of the ball!



Your cup runneth over Leo, love, solidity and commitment abound in this relationship. While for a lot of people forever is an unreasonable concept, your partner is offering their undying love on a platter. Meanwhile it’s up to you to bring back the sense of spontaneity in this relationship, surprise them with a couple’s spa day or a weekend in the mountains. Remember things only slow down and get boring when you allow them to.



Oh Virgo, it’s time to take those rose-tint glasses off because things aren’t what they seem to be – and you would know if only you’d listen to the advice of your friends. Sometimes a partner’s positive characteristics outshine their negatives but when you’re in a constant emotional turmoil that’s a bad sign. While you’re still feeling the love for them, put into perspective whether this relationship is going to be good for you in the long run. Are they dependable when times are tough? How much are you willing to risk to find that out?



It’s time to swap the party pants for pajamas Libra, this week the cards call for some relaxed down time at home. This happens to be the perfect setting for you to indulge in every messy arts-and-crafts project you’ve been thinking of. Make your roommate a decoupage box of your photos together, or well something a little less creepy. However the Knight of Wands could also signal a potential lover entering the home space. Who know what a night of Netflix and chill could turn into?



It may be time to hang up those devil horns this week Scorpio, while giving in to the petty pleasures and indecent indulgences might be tempting, it isn’t a sustainable way of living. This week calls for a shift in focus to a more worldly sense, how can you contribute in making the space around you better for people? Whether small or big, investing time in a social cause will bring you more satisfaction than you could’ve imagined.


No more chasing rainbows for Sagittarius, not this week at least. The Four of Pentacles calls for a sense of conservation. Stay in and cook instead of a dinner date, it isn’t necessarily about cutting costs and living the “ashram-life” but more about doing away with unnecessary expenditures. As much as you love to browse online for new things to eat, drink, or wear, this is a time for using that ‘save to wishlist’ option.



From the roadblocks of the week that was to the fresh energy of this—all the channels are opening up for you. The things that had to be put on hold can now be resumed and finished the way you’d envisioned. Time to pull out the champagne from the chiller. But once the party is over go home and recuperate. Tomorrow is a new day and you still have a lot to do!



Aquarius is the boss this week! You find yourself in a position of mentorship, of being the center of attention in a way that people are looking up to your skills and how well you do the things you do! Whether it’s about learning your immovable focus, or determination to complete the task at hand, this is the time to share what you have learned with your subordinates.



Oh Pisces, if someone looks smells and sounds like trouble, they always are. Remember the key is to know whom to invest your time and energy in, there’s no point in taking all this love and giving it to someone who just wants to have fun with it. If the knight in question isn’t willing to commit, pack your bags and move on.



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