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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a brand new column with the stylish street-style blogger and tarot expert Karishma Rajani, who will be writing some exclusive horoscopes for you every week. Check back every Monday for some exclusive insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome.

Keep scrolling to see what the stars have to say about your sign this week:




What is it that you wish for, Aries? Because everything is about to change. I’m not saying you’re in a rut but you would like for things to move in a positive direction. Just trust that they will. Plus, karma’s lining up all these surprises.




This week is about two of your favourite words — power and authority. Taking the backseat is for rookies. The cards are asking you to channel your inner Miranda Priestley (minus the ruthlessness). You have an infinite reservoir of knowledge within you, and your experience would put many to shame. It’s time to tap into that pronto and bring some positive changes in your life.




Inner wisdom, my love. It’s knocking at your door, waiting to be heard. In other words, if there’s something you need to rely on this week (and until the end of time), it is your own intuition. It will give you answers no holy books or masters will. Those of you who have been considering dabbling in the esoteric world — reiki, tarot, runes, the works — don’t wait a second longer.




Make a list of things you want to achieve and go after them with unbridled passion. You’ve spent enough time letting the idea marinate, now it’s time to take action. The road ahead might not be as smooth as you’re hoping for, but what’s a few roadblocks if they get you closer to where you want to be?




The head is not a place to be. It’s time to come back to the heart chakra, baby! It will take you wherever you need to be. We spend so much time thinking and overthinking stupid things when we can just learn to go with the flow of our being. But that’s a realisation that’s probably already dawned upon you. You’re clearly feeling like the wise one this week. So share some of the inner wisdom, will you?




O ye, Virgo! It’s a pretty tough world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be tougher. Think like a woman! Let your feminine energy help you make all the decisions — that’s more heart, less head. And who says that can’t be infinitely powerful?




Remember the last time you got home after the perfect retreat complete with hot stones and lemongrass tea? Oh, what a dreadful feeling — watching all that Zen dissipate in the noise. But this week is about letting your inner Buddha come to the fore no matter where you are. And that my love, is the only way to experience inner peace all day, every day. Going by all the good vibes you’re emanating, I can already see you winning at life.




What is your idea of living life on the edge? For some, it could literally mean jumping off a cliff (hopefully suspended by a rope). For others, it could mean gathering the courage to speak to someone. A cheesy bumper sticker somewhere is telling you right now, ”Life is calling. Where are you?” Pay heed to that call.




All that sweat and blood hasn’t gone to waste. Revel in the fruits of your labour, Sagittarius. This is the point where everything that you’ve been working towards falls into place — whether it’s the all-consuming pet project or that dream relationship. Watch everything transcend, but not before a few lessons.




What’s inside is on the outside. So let’s work inside out and get to the very source of happiness, shall we? Once you master the art of ‘centring’ yourself, you’ll watch everything fall into place. Say hello to zero worry zone.




The secret to tapping into your creativity this week? Look at everything you come in contact with, with the spark of an adolescent. The secret to who you should be? Check back with your younger self. Always wanted to be an artist? Then don’t let that degree come in the way.




The art of Zen, my love, is something that comes naturally to you. Tap into it. In it lies an infinite source of creativity. Right now you have the power to turn everything you touch to art. Practice silence and reconnecting with yourself to enhance the power.


Karishma Rajani is a Delhi-based blogger and tarot expert. Follow her on Instagram for more stylish astral insights. You can also get in touch with her for personalised readings.


A gypsy fortune teller at heart, Karishma -- aka Zohra Shanti -- believes that Tarot is the secret language that helps us realise our own power and potential. She currently lives, loves, and works as a writer in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about fashion, art, design, travel, cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

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