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Your Horoscope This Week

April 29, 2018 | by Hauterfly Staff
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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Aries this week is ruled by the Lovers, a card that talks about a loving relationship, one that’s based on mutual respect and devotion. But for those not with a partner in sight, this takes on the role of work – a committed outlook to the project you’ve been working on. A reconnection with your best friend, quiet dinner for two that lasts well into the night and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. This week is also a reminder that you will always have people to lean on for support when needed, whether it’s for love or money.



This week for Taurus is about conserving, saving resources but with a plan in mind. Think of those bubblegum pink piggy banks with the goal written on the side. Whether this is for an overseas trip or a huge tv-set for your bedroom there’s an excitement involved in this savings plan. Your inner self is in harmony because you’re on your way to finding that balance between working hard and recharging your mental space.



For Gemini this week the whole energy is of seeing things with a fresh perspective, how can you change things at the workplace to make the week more interesting? What can you do to shake up your morning routine? It’s about finding the fun in the mundane, turning things around before everything starts losing excitement. Nurture your bonds, not just with the people around you but with yourself as well.



This week for Cancer is about celebrating your relationship, one that you and your partner share on the basis of mutual respect and utmost devotion to each other. Go out and celebrate this feeling, introduce each other to your friends, maybe plan a weekend getaway with the squad. This is also the right time to lay all cards out on the table, if there are feelings of insecurity, or unrequited attractions outside of this partnership, be upfront and talk things out before there is a third wheel in this equation.



With both the Queen and Knight of Wands at your back you’re fully in your element, sparks are flying far and high with your partner but sometimes the fire can get a little out of control and you want to quell it before anything burns. The key is to strike a balance in this relationship. On a more general note you’ll find this week you’re more positive and energetic and thus are in a better position to start/resume working on a project even if it’s something as simple as a thousand-piece puzzle. Alternatively, dream big and plan your beachside cafe!



This week Virgo takes a stand and makes it clear to everyone around that you’re not standing up for any ambiguity or false promises whether this is in your relationship or at the job that’s undermining your talent. Before things get onto your nerves we suggest a detachment from all things negative. Take a day or two, maybe even a whole week to spend by the sea or hillside river and recenter your thoughts. Figure out what your next move is and process how you feel about it before making any decisions.



For the week ahead Libra looks back into the past for learning lessons, past mistakes to not be repeated, past wins and how you made them happen. Where the work space is concerned this is the week to make your voice heard, especially if you feel like someone’s leaving you with a raw deal. For all delayed payments there needs to be an explanation, don’t be afraid to ask for it – when it comes to matters of money it’s best to leave the emotional tendencies aside. On the love front if you’re unsure of whether someone likes you or not just pull them aside and ask them upfront. Ambiguity isn’t your friend.



For Scorpio this week is all about energy, driving you forward with the new project you’ve begun one that has the potential to gain extreme momentum the more you dedicate your time and energy into it. And the more momentum it gains the higher the rewards, both in the sense of satisfaction and material gains. If it feels like you’re running short of time to spend on just having fun and relaxing, keep it at bay, this is the time to treat your work with the attention and care you’d give to your child.



The week ahead for Sagittarius looks fiery and charged with creative energy – one that is extremely focused onto the project you are working on and will ultimately lead you to your end goals. In the face of any challenges or roadblocks remember to stay focused on the stuff that matters, i.e. the hustle. There’s a chance this project might also take you out of the town which could provide for a much needed relief from the usual setting and offer fresh perspectives.



This week Capricorn takes on the role of the leader, giving voice to your opinions without fear of being judged by those around you. Rely on your sense of what’s right and wrong and find the most effective way to let people see that. Try and shift the focus to a cause bigger than your own personal gains, how can you use this passion to drive a change in your surroundings?



This week calls for Aquarius to channel their inner peace as the cards speak of an abrupt ending that in all likelihood has the chance to impact your professional space. However, with the ending of one comes the beginning of another and with the Ace of Wands providing wind to your wing you can expect to start this new project with an increasing confidence and renewed creative energy!



For Pisces this week calls for a change of pace as you don the hat of the student once again. Take everything as an opportunity to learn, whether this involves a difficult to deal with work situation or a lovers’ tiff, how can you make this situation help you improve yourself. Seek advice from the ever calm mentor – maybe call up your dad and just ask what he’d do in your shoes. A fresh perspective in this summer heat is the call of the day.


Hauterfly Staff

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