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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week for Aries is simple, or well it could be super complicated depending on how you choose to go about it. The point is you’re in charge. After a time of self-doubt and reconsidering your life goals, you’ve come out on the other side with utmost clarity. And this isn’t limited to where you want to go but also how you want to get there. With the intent set, all that you have to do is just actively pursue it. And with such focused energy you’re bound to make these goals real, whether it happens in the next three months or the next three years. Your success is guaranteed in proportion to your efforts.


This week for Taurus is one of self assurance, of being calm but still being in charge. Honestly, you can be just as much of a power person when you’re working in silence and peace rather than being hyper and stressing over things. Sure, you may be feeling close to breaking point because the work is only growing and you have more to do each day, but now that you know you’re just as productive when you do it without stressing yourself out, it won’t seem as hard. Balance this out with things that do your body good, take a yoga class, stay hydrated, do a 5-minute meditation.


This week for Gemini is a lesson in humility and seeking guidance. When dealing with past failures and trauma, it often happens that we are too close to the situation ourselves to get a proper perspective on the reality of it. The same is the case when present circumstances are stressful enough to keep you up at night. Don’t lose hair over it, help may be closer than you think. Seek out your mentor or someone who has gone down the path you are on. Learning from other people’s experiences can be a great for personal and professional growth.


This week has a lot of oscillating energy for Cancer, and while you usually have no trouble keeping your head on straight this week could be a challenging one. On one hand you have finances to manage, particularly for those who have chosen to forge your own path. Don’t hold yourself back, don’t give in to the voices in your head that say you can’t, because you can. It’s simply about designing a proposal so fabulous that people are tripping over each other to invest in you. On the personal front, you might choose to cure heartbreak with one night stands but not at the cost of your peace of mind.


This week for Leo is a reminder to remove the rear view mirror, it doesn’t seem to be doing you any favours to be looking back. There’s always the flip side that says we learn from past mistakes and avoid repeating them but the longer you stick with that energy the longer you carry it with you. This is the time to close the book on past mistakes and heartbreaks, invest your time instead in things that make you happy and heal your heart. As much as it helps to be around friends, this is the time to settle your inner self in solitude.


This week for Virgo is all about being open. Remember you can have the best of the world, even the non-tangible stuff, offered to you on a platter but it’s ultimately wasted if you are not in the space to receive. For example, if you’ve been complaining about being single, why not start by being more observant because there might be someone who cares for you right there! An important part of being receptive is also letting go of the past and starting afresh. If you’re considering a change in your career path expect exciting options coming your way soon, you’ll find something you actually like and can commit to!


This week for Libra is one of peace and love, the penultimate side of you that loves to skip around and roll around in the playground. Take time to tell those you care about how you feel, spread your good vibes and kindness you never know who might be in need of a smile from a random stranger. On the flip side, re-centre your energy. After all, you still need to keep your focus solely on the things that matter. Remember the goals you had in mind when you started this journey, this is the motivation you need to channel your energy in the right way.


This week for Scorpio is one of finally getting what you wanted, particularly in the workspace. If things have been holding you back in a certain project, and you’ve been thinking of making a shift, expect the dues to be cleared. All the hard work you’re putting in is noticed by others and that’s the best first step to success. You have a list of things you care deeply for and now you can focus on working on that list, making those ideas into real tangible projects!


This week for Sagittarius is supercharged, basically you’re in a position to literally manifest anything you set your heart on – or should we say anyone? If there’s a special someone you can’t stop thinking about, this may be the time you catch their eye. For those in a steady relationship expect fire both in the bedroom and outside, you’re also on a creative high this week! Take a moment to consider the baggage you’re carrying as well, if there are things or people from the past that need to be let go of. Forgive, forget, move the hell on!


This week for Capricorn is a lesson in self confidence. You may find yourself in situations where you have to ask for outside help, particularly if you’re planning to start a new project that might require more funding than expected. The point is, you need to allow yourself to bring someone on board who could help you in this situation. Think of it as an investment rather than borrowing money. Be wary of duplicitous people, you know the people whom you can trust with this!


This week for Aquarians comes with big and important changes in energy. On one hand, you must prepare yourself to face the end of a cycle. Whether this is at work, related to a project you’ve been working on or perhaps something more along the lines of a possibly blossoming relationship. Or maybe this is the end of a personal behaviour pattern. The fact that this is ending is a sign that you can prepare yourself for something new. Invest some time this week in analyzing how you deal with those around you, a little exploration into what parts of you could require tweaking. Basically, it’s time for self love.


This week for Pisces promises to be full of adventure, you’ve got a head full of ideas and a planner full of places you wanna go to. This is the time to save up and plan your next trip (maybe even the one after that!) and draw straws between hostels and airbnbs. You also find yourself in a position of being the pillar of strength for those you are close to. If anyone around you seems to be in need of a shoulder to cry on, they can trust you to be there. Be kind, it goes a long way.


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