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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


The focus this week Aries is to find your inner yogi, every situation of conflict that comes to you is a lesson learnt in patience. In the long run facing adversity with a calm front would also be appreciated by your superiors but also beneficial to keep the flow of work running smoothly. This practice also allows for clarity, so when you do voice your opinion it comes from a space of knowing and understanding what you really want to convey. At the same time keep space open to understand and appreciate someone else’s opinions as well.


This week for Taurus is one of perfect balance even though it may not always seem so. Shaking off the complacency of a hot summer day you change along with the weather to go charging after every task you face at work. Truly you are your happiest seeing your projects to success. On the financial front things seem to be working in your favour particularly if you intend to set money aside for something. However all good things are in finding the balance, just because you need to build up an investment doesn’t mean you should pinch pennies. Treat yourself this week!


This week for Gemini is a tumultuous journey where at first you must come to terms with the fact that when you’re in a situation whether at home or work where you are undermined or undervalued it isn’t healthy for you. Take time to realise what is beneficial for you as an individual and for your personal growth. Everything else, particularly that which breaks your peace of mind, it’s time to let go of. The ending may not be easy or peaceable in the least but what waits on the other side is a sense of calm, of things being right.


This week for Cancer calls for a reality check: party of one. This is a time for pulling back from blaming the universe and divine powers for things that are going wrong in your life. What can you do to fix the situation? Before complaining, map your own route out of the problem. The frustration you feel with the work space also has the power to leech into your relationships with people around you. If you find yourself constantly at loggerheads with friends and loved ones, the time might be here when you analyse what it is that you need to work on rather than pointing fingers.


This week for Leo everything seems to be coming up roses. On the personal front you and your partner discover a new layer to your connection and share new experiences of intimacy and affection. On the work front you find yourself in the spotlight for all the hard work you’ve been doing and this brings you your share of moolah! To make the most of this week take chances, indulge in things that make you happy even if it’s something cheesy like a wine bar dinner date!


This week for Virgo presents the ultimate challenge, to think less and do more! You’ll find yourself in a happy place surrounded by those who love you, even if it’s a bigger social gathering. This is also the perfect time to pack your bags and just drive. While a solo trip might be good sometimes it’s even better to have the right company along. If you’re worried about friends getting along, know that you have the power to maintain harmony here if only you take the initiative and propose this weekend getaway! Your mantra this week: be spontaneous.


This week for Libra comes with a reminder that you’re exactly where you need to be. The indomitable free spirit that you are is spreading wings and living each moment to the fullest. This is backed up by the cards of financial security. Not only are you currently in a good cushioned space but any previous blocked channels of inflow are clearing up so allow yourself to toe the line between splurging and saving. Although this is a time of celebration be mindful of the company around and avoid any dodgy situations no matter how appealing they seem.


For Scorpio this week comes with a full share of drama, particularly on the work front. Where you anticipated smooth sailing there are now conflicts and differences of opinion. Whether it’s someone’s lack of dedication to the project or simply ego issues you find yourself in a place where it’s up to you to set the project sailing. Use this energy of chaos to slip up ahead and take the captain’s office on this ship. However it’s also worth considering if these troubles are from the specific people working with you or simply having to share the work with a team. Can you do it all by yourself?


For Sagittarius this week marks the beginning of a new journey but more important than the actual progression of this project is the personal journey you go on. Having had your share of disappointment and bad experiences when working with others, this is an opportunity for you to truly invest in a team. There are plenty of cliches to tell you the benefits of teamwork but it is only when you see the sync between all members at work here is when you understand that it’s all for the greater good of the project.


This week for Capricorn is one of utmost happiness, harmony and celebration both on the personal and professional front. Where on one hand you’re primed to receive your dues at work for all your efforts and time. This is also a good time to start something new so keep your eyes and ears open for any new projects coming your way that’d excite you. The energy at home is one of celebration, perhaps a wedding is on the cards? Or maybe a big anniversary, expect a landmark event to come by soon. Either way it is a time of harmony and being around the people who make you happy!


This week for Aquarius the clouds shift and offer moments of utmost clarity not just on where you want to go but also on where you currently stand. If you’ve been going over ideas for a work project this is the time when you know which idea is worth investing in because it’s the one that’ll ultimately make you the most money. With this clarity backing you up you can go full steam ahead and pave your own path without fear of failure!


This week for Pisces presents an interesting situation where you need to balance the line between being bossy and cocky as opposed to someone who’s genuinely invested in the betterment of your team as the leader. Try and shake things up, how can you best approach the situation without making it heavy? Finding this balance also brings you happiness because it reminds you of the balance you’re maintaining with work and personal life. From this space of inspiring and community you find happiness in where you stand.


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