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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Moving past the isolating energy of the week before, this is a time of embracing a new community, a place where you belong. You may find yourself buried in a book, understanding the philosophy of life through a fresh set of eyes and this has the potential to guide you into a new phase of the journey. This is your time to invest in yourself, to block out the outside voices and just listen to what your mind and body are asking for.



With the reinvigorated energy in your creative pursuits this week brings up a new opportunity with you at the head of the ship! Whether you’re the creator of this idea or the one taking charge and guiding those around you, this is a time of great responsibility. There’s a maternal energy this week, whether you’re fostering puppies or thinking more along the lines of bringing your firstborn into the world.



See what just a moment of rest and relaxation can bring! There’s a new love interest that’s bringing a spring to your step. You feel truly ready to get back into the world and reclaim all the work and crises coming your way – you may even find yourself smiling in the face of adversity. Your partner may be turning the heat up behind closed doors but the easy loving energy doesn’t fade even when you’re out and about.



This week brings you a fresh set of new projects, new goals to accomplish and in general time to celebrate little victories. But don’t let that take away from your own ideas of where you want to take the project. You’re also in a place of bringing people together, nurturing friendships and even rekindling your romance! The only way to do this is by exercising your throat muscles.



It’s easy to be blindsided when you’re presented with a lot of shiny opportunities, however when it comes to spotting the false promises you always have your instinct to fall back upon. If someone’s making you an offer, make sure it’s legitimised – no one rents a house without a lease! Don’t shy away from holding people accountable for their words. Expect good news on the home front.



Like the old gods and monsters this week you’re channeling your inner multifaceted go-getter and taking on a plethora of tasks. In fact, everything that’s being thrown your way, you are reaching out and catching, and executing the task with utmost finesse. Basically be the boss and show them how it’s done. With every little success, you’re closing in on a major breakthrough in your career.



The motto this week is to look before you leap, particularly in terms of communication. Instead of saying things you might later have to retract or regret, think before you speak. At the same time you should still be true to how you feel, it’s about expressing yourself in a way that you’re actually understood and not just superficially heard. Invest energy in yourself and your way of thinking this week.



Having freed yourself of a duplicitous partner this week finds a major acceleration bump. Shaking off the feeling of suspended action, you can now move forward with clarity of direction to get what you want – particularly in investing this energy into a work project. There’s potential to earn great rewards from this opportunity only if you proceed with clarity and not be swayed into a thousand different directions from the surge.



The air this week has a certain detachment to it, perhaps a disappointment because of your partner or something not having the desired result at work. You seem to be in unfamiliar waters, moreover you feel like you’re the only one fighting on your side. The key here is to disengage, take this time to completely give in to things that make you happy but also you won’t have to leave your bed for. You don’t have to go back out into the world until you’re ready to!



The cards this week speak of a suspension of action, a time to take things slowly especially after the disappointing result of something you had been hoping to work out in your favour. Whether this is a work project or a much needed vacation, there seem to be roadblocks propping up one after the other. The solution? Go back to the basics and analyse from the ground up – perhaps you missed a step or two in the foundation stages.



The cards this week have an energy of movement or at least the idea of movement – with all the resources saved up and a plan of world domination in mind you have everything you need to expand the ideas you’ve been developing into something truly larger than life. Alternatively this is a cue for you to pitch the idea beyond what you thought was your reach, put it out into the world and allow for kickstarter funds to come in.



Ever had that annoying voice in your head saying things that stress you out or bring up things from the past you want to avoid? Well, this week is a learning lesson in that sometimes you need to push that voice down, to let go of insecurities and to master the art of healing. There’s an abundance of love and affection at your behest, all you have to do is accept the passion of your partner and let them in.


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