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Your Horoscope For 2019

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Love & Relationships

We may be in the middle of winter right now, but the year ahead is an endless summer. Treat it thus, Aries. In simpler terms, take it easy! Live your life like Jim Morrison. Allow things to take their time to unfold rather than diving into the deep end face-first. What is presented to you is more than a physical connection. If 2018 has taught you one thing, it is to be vulnerable, to open your heart in the face of adversity. You are being presented a second chance here but first do away with unrealistic expectations. They are a straight road to disappointment and heartbreak.


When it comes to work, few do it with the same fire as you Aries and the year ahead is charged with creativity and energy. In taking charge and owning your place as the leader the cards remind you to remain humble and compassionate. Take initiative but with heart, keep everybody’s growth and development into consideration rather than your own. Expect the usual delays and challenges, you’re no master of the universe and things will unfold on their own time. Don’t forget to chalk in the requisite time of rest and relaxation.



Love & Relationships

The message this year rings loud and clear Taurus and that is stability. For those in a relationship take 2019 as the year to solidify your commitments and plan for the future. If your partner is in for the long haul this may be time for the wedding bells to chime. For the ones still swiping, it’s time to redefine what you’re looking for and acknowledge that to settle for less than what you want is to put yourself in the path of disappointment. Be clear with those who waste your time and only love you in blurred lines.


In matters of work and career, 2019 is a time of big projects and bigger commitments, you’re never one to shy away from a day’s hard work but expect the days to stretch into months easily. This is a time of laying the foundation rather than anticipating the results. You’re in company of someone who not only has your back but also could be a great source of learning. Keep your head on your shoulders and tread through the fields of ego with caution.



Love & Relationships

If anything has been learnt in 2018 Gemini it is that not every spark has the potential to develop into something more. So if you are truly open to the idea of growing as a person, the first thing to rid yourself of is any connection that isn’t working out. You can’t resuscitate a dead relationship, rather choose to focus inherently on yourself. You are a garden, Gemini, this year get your hands dirty and remove those weeds, water and nurture yourself.


As with love, in matters of your career this is a good year to focus more on your personal growth than be concerned with what your colleagues are up to. Take time to reflect on the journey so far, not only is this good practice to appreciate your current position but also to make informed decisions on what you do next. This is a good time to hit refresh, on your approach that is! Take risks now that’ll pay off later. Be a ‘Yes’ person and go forth without restrain.



Love & Relationships

The oft inspirational and fun vibes of ‘funky town’ take a nosedive Cancer, simply put 2019 isn’t the best when it comes to matters of the heart. Before you get caught up in all that’s going wrong, your worst fears coming true and indiscretions coming to light, take this as a lesson on your own power of manifestation. This is a time to work on yourself and your negative thought patterns. Instead of being on the defensive and considering things an uphill battle, do things that uplift your spirit. Travel, move forward, pick up a new craft!


On the work front 2019 brings up a slew of interesting opportunities but know that not every door leads to a fruitful path. Be wary of people talking big at parties when they’re likely to forget your name by the next morning. Be mindful of your networking and where you’re investing your time and energy. For this, rely on your instinct – pick that option that you feel most connected to, the one which will make you happy. This is a year to stop wasting time on non-starters.



Love & Relationships

The new year brings with it a slew of unresolved feelings Leo, the paramount being trust issues. The thing you need to address here is where these feelings stem from, is it past experience that is colouring your version of reality right now? If so, when is it time to call expiration and move on? On the other hand, if your doubts are rooted in what others are whispering in your ear, what is the way forward? Are you sure enough in your beliefs to listen to your heart or is it time to create channels for open communication? Chances are, if they’re the one, you won’t need to ask twice.


On the work front things are flowing more seamlessly in 2019, not only does the new year present opportunities for you to take creative risks but the approach is also one of childlike innocence. Have fun with your work, take risks and make them bold, swap your power suit for something you’re not afraid to get dirty. This is a good time to collaborate with friends, and be joyful in creating something new. You’re surrounded by those who love and support you.



Love & Relationships

Things may not be as easy breezy in the new year as you’d like them to be and maybe at points you may even believe that the odds are stacked against you. But that’s the thing, this is the year to challenge your own perspective of things, do away with thought processes that don’t serve your emotional wellbeing. Work towards keeping your relationship stable no matter the work pressure or distance. This is also a time to analyse and do away with old patterns and past roadblocks in relationships that have turned on you.


On the work front there are significant changes coming up and it all begins with recognising unhealthy work and people situations. If you feel like you’re being given the shorter end of the stick don’t be afraid to speak up about it. If the time has come to move on don’t be afraid to take the leap because this is a year of significant learning. 2019 is a time of doing away with the old and repetitive, pick up a new skill sign up for online classes if that’s your thing! Take it as a new chapter rather than giving up on something.



Love & Relationships

The enemy of positive energy is expectations, do away with ones that don’t serve you well Libra. 2019 is all about giving your body the tender love and care you’ve been seeking elsewhere. Having a bad day? Put on a mask and soak in a bath. Take care of your needs before you’re putting yourself in front of others, consider this the emotional equivalent of a solo trip. Your motto is to go with the flow, when you encounter a potential lover don’t anticipate the outcome.


Center of attention for what you do Libra, 2019 promises to be abundant with opportunities where you attract possible collaborators and a much needed balance between the hustle and the time out. Know that there are higher powers guiding you in your work and that when things aren’t working out as you anticipated there is a reason for it. Build up walls where they’re needed, sometimes we get too emotionally attached to our work and every road bump feels like a car crash.



Love & Relationships

It’s 2019 Scorpio and this feels like your year! On the love front things take a turn for the best with you and your partner solidifying commitments – perhaps for the long haul and sealed with a diamond ring? You’re actively working towards building a home together and giving the harmony in your relationship a physical space to play out in. This is a year to open your heart and be receptive to all the universe has to offer.


On the work front this year is all about the hustle and keeping busy to the point where you’ve left no room for outside distractions and emotional decisions to sway your rational thinking. Walk in to work each day like you’re the boss, you don’t wanna create a war zone rather a space where every one is an equal contributor and is responsible for what they bring to the table. You act as the undisputed leader in creating an environment that will benefit everybody.




A big year ahead for you Sagittarius, 2019 promises to be one of extreme learning and hard work with projects that may push you to do more than you have committed before. With it comes the reminder that not everything will have immediate results and sometimes the rewards may take their own sweet time. Expect the usual slew of delays when working with someone else, particularly on their deliverables as they could just decide to work on their own time. What’s important is to stay on your course and work, remember to take stock of your progress 365 days from now.


On the love front, 2019 requires for you to let go of unrealistic expectations. When the writing’s on the wall and you still find yourself hoping for more it only leads to a sense of loss and constant disappointments are terrible for your emotional wellbeing. That being said remain open to love – giving and receiving – and trust that your vulnerability never suffers because the right one will always appreciate you for it!




Love & Relationships

You know what happens when you match with 50 people at a time? That feeling of falling for someone but they’re not choosing you? Are you then taken for granted? None of this is part of a rom-com plot this is potentially the year ahead if you don’t take notice of the negative patterns. Look after yourself Capricorn, nobody else has your back like you do. Take time to re-center yourself and turn your home into a spa your motto for 2019 is self-care, self-love.


This is your moment Capricorn, 2019 promises to be an interesting ride as you bid adieu to the instability and conflicts marring your workspace. The year ahead is one of abundance both in terms of profits and opportunities – but always stay prepared for the roadblocks and challenges. This is a time to balance your wants and needs while also redefining what you’re passionate about. You will soon find yourself on the path you’ve always dreamt of all along.



Love & Relationships

Lies, deception, and mystery are great on a Netflix show, but to do a crossover with your love life would only lead to problems Aquarius. And so for the year ahead this serves as something to be mindful of. Stop living your life like it’s an espionage movie and analyse where you’re going wrong in your relationships. If there is room for things to slip and lies to take root there has to be a source of trouble. Do away with the small talk and sit with your partner to figure out how to navigate this situation. In the meantime allow your work space to distract you from the emotional distress.


Up until now your professional life has been a space of making calculated practical decisions and while this has been well and good the time has come for you to shake things up. Whether it’s the adrenaline of a new-start new-year new-you or you’re simply fed up of colouring within the lines, this time is for taking a leap of faith. Fear not, you’re bound to thoroughly research this new opportunity but this time it’s something that excites you, and your passion rather than impulse or rationale is what drives you.



Love & Relationships

This year comes with its own share of affirmations, because at this point it’s useless to carry 2018 problems into 2019. First, if someone plays hot and cold drop them like hot potatoes/ice them out – whichever temperature you prefer. Second, stop treating like projects – it isn’t your responsibility to fix every damaged person out there. Third, the only way out of hurt is to rise upward. This year is a learning lesson to never settle for anything less than the absolute best which is exactly what you deserve.


On the work front Pisces you’re on top of your game! You’re channelling your inner boss and manifesting the best opportunities not just creatively but even ones that challenge your skill set and public persona. This is a time of maximising your potential and showing everyone what you’re made of. Remember that to be the ultimate hustler you have to be equally good at listening as you are at making your voice heard. Enjoy the freedom this brings to create new opportunities for projects in 2019.



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