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Your Horoscope This Week

March 03, 2019 | by Hauterfly Staff
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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!

Horoscope_Website aries


As we near the Aries season things seem to be picking up pace, energetically speaking. This is a week of extreme learning, or well you are aligning yourself with the path of higher learning. Whether this is on a spiritual level or a particular skill you wish to acquire, do your research on the best online course or maybe sign up for summer school. You are in alignment to find the right mentor who can guide you down this new path!

Horoscope_Website taurus


It’s #selfcaresunday all week long Taurus, even if you don’t feel like being by yourself the time is right to focus on self-healing and just disconnecting from the outside world. Even if work is piling up, this may be a good time to take it home and do it from the comfort of your bed. Trust that your family and partner are compassionate enough to understand that you need to exist in isolation for the time being only to bounce back to your usual energetic self.



The new month brings new beginnings Gemini! As you prepare yourself to hit refresh and start anew, keep in mind that you are back in the shoes of a student of life. Remain open to new learnings, new people, and new ways of getting work done – most importantly keep your ego aside! This is a time of putting your best foot forward and refusing to back down even in the face of the oddest challenges thrown at you.



You know that feeling when every small thing starts to get on your nerves and the more time passes the more annoyed you get? Well, expect the week ahead to be a test of your patience and resolve – your learning lesson here is to be patient, treat everyone around you with kindness even when they’re losing their heads. Master the art of taming the lion with your gentility and eventually these challenging situations begin to turn in your favour.

Horoscope_Website_ Leo


Consider this the opening of floodgates on a much bigger platform, Leo – the stars are aligning to create opportunities of abundance for you as we enter the new month. As always these may not be obviously presented on a platter so keep your eyes peeled for doors that may be cracking open because walking through will lead to happy endings and good fortune. Your mantra this week is to be open to receiving these new beginnings.



Like the river never stops flowing Virgo, neither do you stop even in the face of the harshest reality checks. Even when the storms come you choose to stay in the eye and hold on to your resolve, remember nothing is as important and thereby as unshakeable as your inner peace – trust that everything will flow smoothly and you will heal yourself from the inside out. Be kind with your words, easy communication is the order of the week.



The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole! Life is basically an Ariana Grande playlist, and the song of the week is reminding you that it’s time to flush away all that is toxic and rancid – whether  this is within you in your thought patterns or an external presence in your life. This is a new lease on life, consider that your new year is working according to the lunar calendar and bring on the New Year New Me mantra all over again!



This week is a time of doing away with all that is material and superficial, in short say good bye to your Instagram life Scorpio and upgrade the wardrobe to an Eat Pray Love style living. Whether you are actually moving in to a weekend retreat or creating a zen corner in your existing space, learn from the masters. Whether you’re into satsang or TED talks, or if you just want to sit with an encyclopaedia or five, this is a time of great learning.



Things seem to hit an unexpected pause this week but bear in mind Sagittarius that sometimes, in fact most often the halt in action is the result of something greater. Take stock of where you are and make sure you haven’t strayed off path because of your tunnel vision. The best thing to do is enjoy your time off and don’t push against the flow, lest the dam breaks!



Cue the dramatic music Capricorn because you’re riding hard and fast on your chariot of creative vision toward the life you have always meant to live, past all obstacles that wither away under your clarity of vision! The lesson this week is to trust yourself, to keep moving forward without the voices of self-doubt intervening because you are in alignment with your higher purpose.



Big lesson learnt Aquarius, as with happiness you are the creator and destroyer of your own good fortune – this is a time of sitting down and mapping your business plans from A-Z. And truly ask yourself, why hold back? Why not come up with the wildest dreams if only you understand what is possible and what isn’t once you put them into action? To build an empire you have to dream big!



Peace and harmony begin from within Pisces, you cannot expect it in your relationships until you have fully accepted and loved every part of your self. The overarching message of the week is just that, love and harmony from inside to out. Let go of the doubts that are only delaying the inevitable i.e. taking the plunge with your partner – you are both aware of the fact that you’re headed towards your happily ever after.

Hauterfly Staff

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