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Your Horoscope This Week

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This week brings out an unexpected side of you Aries, one that pushes you to tap into the inner yogi and look for inner peace in the most unexpected places. The cards for the week signal a time of moderation, now it may seem like this is the same as going with the flow but actually, it is more a slowing down of purposeful action. Do your work but keep your inner waters calm. Expansion of your professional horizons could see you travelling for work sometime soon.



For Taurus, the week ahead brings up a slew of uncomfortable situations that you need to confront – particularly on the relationship front. A partnership works best when both people involved are equally invested emotionally and physically. While one of you may be giving your all and being completely honest and vulnerable there is a vacuum where the other partner is seeking something more. Important questions need answering: is emotional cheating still cheating for you? Is dishonesty a sign of disloyalty? You make the rules.



This week for Gemini is one of going full steam ahead, you’re in line with what you want from life professionally speaking. Not only that but the time and energy you’re investing in your career is bound to bring you your dues both in recognition and success. Your efforts are being noticed by those around you and it only motivates you to continue down the path of perseverance.



This week you find that the stars are aligning in your favour and that you have finally manifested your best life. New and exciting opportunities are coming your way and you’re in a good place to take chances and really dive in with both feet into these new projects. This is a time of taking chances and approaching each opportunity with a fresh perspective, there’s nothing you can’t do and do well if you set your heart to it.



For Leo this week is a time of being recognised for all those years of hard work that you’ve invested. You’re in a place of innovation and basking in material successes. However, all things may not be as cheerful as your inner demons continue to battle it out. This is a time to confront your regrets. What are the failures you need to face in order to heal your heart? Get your hands dirty. Don’t avoid the tough stuff.



This week for Virgo has a vibe of being in bed and spending quality time with yourself. You’ve had your share of fun and frolicking but it’s time to stave off the frivolous pursuits and focus on strengthening your inner self. Take this as a time of rest and relaxation without worrying about how things will pan out in your relationship. On the work front you may be forced to make decisions without any emotional weigh-ins. Think practically even if you may not like the outcome.



This week for Libra brings up the ultimate test in finding balance in life. On one hand you cannot tame your inner beast and are in the mood to indulge in all the good things. Don’t hold back Libra, treat yourself to a fancy spa date or the velvet dress you’ve been lusting after. However keep an eye on your long term goals and make sure you still have enough funds saved for your dream project(s)!



This week for Scorpio is not one without its share of challenges but what it presents here is an opportunity to analyse your approach to these problems. When faced with a roadblock, is it necessary to doubt yourself and everything you’ve been doing so far? Trust that some problems are the result of others’ actions, this is a time to challenge your multitasking abilities. To push yourself to be a better planner. Every problem is an opportunity to improve yourself.



This week brings a reminder that every big project starts with a dream, and if you want to achieve your larger-than-life goals you need to put in the same magnitude of efforts. However, your ambition shouldn’t be an excuse for you to forget your compassionate side. Sagittarius. Approach every situation with a calm clear mind and don’t allow your ego to rule in your interaction with others, treat them as equals. Find smart ways to get people on board with your dream project.



This week for Capricorn brings with it a lesson in balancing life out, particularly in matters of monetary rewards. What’s your first thought when the paycheck comes in? Even in the face of big money are you only thinking about savings and investments? Allow yourself to indulge yourself a little bit, treat yourself to what you are duly owed because all this abundance hasn’t come without its share of hard work. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!



What happens when you keep sweeping the dust under the rug? You end up with a mountain of garbage that turns any room into a toxic wasteland. It is the same with our emotional landscape, if we do not allow an appropriate release the channels are blocked and we pile them up into a methane gas chamber. This week is a time to sit with your thoughts and emotions and find some clarity on what you want your next step to be. Don’t be afraid to speak your truths, you are surrounded by people who love and support you.



If it feels like you’re trying to push on a door that says pull, chances are you’re working against the flow of things. Sometimes a constant slew of roadblocks are a sign that we are meant to slow down and take it easy for a while. Trust in the timing of things and take time to revisit your plans, or how you are approaching the unfolding of the future. If something isn’t happening now doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the future, don’t abandon your plans.


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