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Group of Women Beat Up A Girl For Calling One Of Them ‘Aunty’. Our Tolerance Levels Have Really Taken A Hit

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They often say that a woman is another woman’s worst enemy. Unfortunately, it’s true in most cases. Instead of pulling each other up, a lot of women spend time plotting, planning and acting like vamps on an Ekta Kapoor show. Here at Hauterfly, we are all about women empowering and inspiring each other. Which is why it was so disheartening when I come across this video of this woman beating up a girl for calling her an aunty in a market in UP. We can’t afford to turn on each other, especially for trivial matters. 

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a group of women can be seen physically assaulting this other woman. According to reports, this kerfuffle broke out in a market in Uttar Pradesh where hundreds of other women were doing their Karva Chauth shopping. This fight began after one girl called a member of the group ‘aunty’. Tell me again why that’s offensive? 

Infuriated, the women in the group started pushing the girl who dared to utter the word. Pushing moved on to slaps which led to a full-blown fight. In the video, the women are hitting a girl wearing a blue jacket and a white scarf on her head. A few seconds into the fight, one of the women pull down the girl’s scarf and the other women grab her by the head while this one starts slapping her. Such violence over nothing. Eventually, as the woman continues to beat the daylights out of this girl, the fight is intervened by a lady cop. The cop tries to separate the two. By the end of the video, the cop is seen standing between the group of women and this girl as they continue to yell at each other. 

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This video went viral all over social media after it was shared by Live Hindustan. Until now, it has over 77,000 views. 

All this violence over one girl calling someone ‘aunty’ and right before a festival like Karva Chauth no less. Our tolerance levels are seriously taking a hit. It’s kind of ironical to get into a fight like this when you’re out shopping for a celebration. The bottom line is that this is unacceptable because we can’t afford to turn on each other.

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