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Move Over Sangria, We Have A Wine Cocktail That Is Bomb!

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Week on week, we bring you the tastiest of cocktails with easy-peasy ways to make them, and this time around, we have gone back to basics. Red wine, the drink of the Lords, is the topic of conversation today.

This grapey drink has been in our lives forever and seriously, what could be better than a glass (or mug?) of wine at the end of a long day.

But what if we tell you that we took this glass of goodness and added some more magic to it? (Sorry, in a Harry Potter kinda zone RN.)

Yes, we tried a red wine cocktail and OH MY GOD, it tastes like Sangria, but way better.

On the second level of the absolutely gorgeous NY-themed restaurant, It Happened In New York, we tasted heaven. Called the Upper East Side Wine Cup, this cocktail has the tanginess of orange slices, freshness of mint leaves, and is topped with crushed ice to blend it all.

Sounds delish? Well, it was.

Watch the video below and drink it all up with your eyes. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments when you’ve tried it for yourself!


Cocktail Of The Week- Upper East Side Wine Cup!

This week, we are going the red wine way! ?Tag the friend who will love this drink ⭐️Location: IT happened IN NEW YORK

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